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Friday, June 9, 2017

Store Returns/Cautionary Tale

You remember I price-match at Walmart, getting the best prices from lots of stores? On Tuesday I always do a final shop or sometimes my only shop before the ads change on Wednesday. Exbf was here, and took me as we had other things to do that day.

As I finished shopping, I remembered I had no more checks in my check book and a cursory search the night before turned up no check books. So, I called exbf and asked him to drive his credit card to the door at WM. I parked and hobbled out and got the cc.

Since the lines were so long, I went to a checker I had never used before. I kept having to tell her the prices, and the checking event went slowly! Exbf got his cc immediately and his money, $26+, a little later after we went to the bank.

After he left that evening, I was looking over the receipt, congratulating myself on the good deals I got. Then, I noticed I had paid the full price of the Miracle Whip and the price match. When I got to the bottom of the receipt, I was very frustrated!

The customer service person listened and refunded over $11 to his cc! The way it went, I paid more for groceries than I would have even without price-matching.

Even though I am usually aware of what is being rung up and how much I should pay, this day was different. I was eager to get things out of the house done before J came over to do some things for an hour. However, I did check my receipt eventually. I will never go back through her line! I must admit this is the worst problem I have ever had with the wrong price on the receipts.

Being flustered with no checks, exbf waiting in the heat, my needing his help, and needing to get home for J to come over caused me to be less vigilant than I usually am. Usually, I check prices as they are rung or after the transaction and before I leave the store.

Often, I wait for the checker I want, even if she has four or five full carts of groceries. Tuesday's incident just shows me two things: go to a trusted checker and always check receipts!

Always check receipts!

Your turn
Have you ever had so many mistakes made on one receipt? Do you check your receipts after you get home even if you did not check it in the store?


  1. I have not had that many mistakes on my receipts, however I have given up price matching at Walmart as they make it such a hassle. However, there are 3 grocery stores within 2 minutes of each other so I really don't go out of my way to shop at those. Kroger is closet then 3 blocks down the road is Aldi and right next door Walmart. I do check the receipts as I am walking out of the store's door or at least in the van before I pull out of the parking lot. Pays to check your receipt especially if you are watching your pennies like I am. Have a good weekend!

    1. Rachel,
      I don't mind going to different stores, and most of mine are really close. I just cannot keep getting out of the car and walking into the stores and find an electric cart. Some of the price matches are in stores far away. I love Kroger and can price match it but it is too far to drive. Aldi has no electric carts.

      My paying $26 for $15 worth of groceries would not be watching my pennies too well. I felt ill at the store, or I would have caught that.

  2. Just found your blog. Me and my daughters, here in the UK are the queens of budgeting! We know the price of everything and how to undercut that price. I taught them from an early age to always scan the pavement when out walking for dropped change etc. Keep up the good work- love your blog! X


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