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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Adult VBS

At one of the free church lunches, we had adult VBS, just a one-day deal. We made a craft--nails stuck into a piece of Styrofoam in the shape of a star with tiny rubber bands of all colors over the nail heads.

First, there were three young women leading the singing. These were all new VBS songs. I hope the kids got to sing things like "This Little Light of Mine."

Half of us did the craft while the other half had a lesson and game. I had a circle of paper like a halo on my head and tried to guess the clues given to me by my team. If the team had spoken up, maybe I could have heard them. Only two people really gave clues, so our team got 5 and the other team got 6 points. Okay, but I could have spelled all the names of books of the Bible!

Lunch was great: hot dogs, slaw, baked beans, chips. The table for condiments had everything that was ever put on a hot dog! The theme to this VBS was something about space, so the food was appropriately named, like stellar slaw. I can think of none of the other names of the mundane food that all had special names.

We eat from glass plates and have regular cutlery! No plastic. This church goes all out to make visitors and members feel welcome and valued. Their kitchen is  not the ordinary church kitchen! Their is a soda fountain!  We did have little Styrofoam bowls for the beans and slaw. That was welcome since I did not have to fish my bun out of liquid.

The dessert was premade and fresh from the freezer. There must have been a cup of ice cream in a bowl. The ice cream was not the cheapest thing from WM. It had vanilla beans in it. Then, there was chocolate sauce over that. Three roasted marshmallows topped this with a half a Moon Pie stuck in at an angle. A rocket ship on a straw topped the dessert with a space name.

I reconnected to a woman who was once a colleague of mine. We were in different offices of the same business, but in different capacities. I complimented her on her outfit and she said it was yard sale and thrift store. Isn't it great to meet well-dressed professionals who are frugal and confidant to admit the frugal sources?

Next month, the theme is patriotism with an emphasis on members of the military. A year round national guard is located in this town, so they will be presenting a program.

Then, I had to go to the doctor. His office called me in to discuss my head injury and ongoing problems with that and pain in wide, hard part of my nose. UGH! Not fun because I was just exhausted after food and fun.

Then, I got more $0.99/lb. grapes because this is the last day of the ad. There were other things I needed but had no money for those things. However, since I have not used any of the cabbage, I really should tend to that and eat stuff I have already.

From the lunch I brought lots of slaw and baked beans to Dominique with shredded Brussels sprouts and oats on top. The leftovers will last at least four more days. Tomorrow, she will get her oats in tuna juice along with the leftovers. Oh, bananas and apple core are on her menu tomorrow.

The next two Tuesdays are free lunch occasions, too.

Your turn
This is my first knowledge of adult VBS. Have you ever heard of this? It seems to be a trend. Are your church kitchens so well-appointed?


  1. I miss being a member of a church like the one you describe here.

    1. Urspo,
      They are certainly a very active church.

  2. Linda to my knowledge we have nothing like that, just adult day care. That is a nice touch, real table service. Again Styrofoam and plastic here. I am happy that I found a homeless charity in a nearby town that will take my leftover food, expired or not and I am readying more for next trip.

    1. carol,
      We all deliver ourselves, so definitely not adult daycare. The glass is a shock, first time I have ever seen it here. What kind of food do you take? Stuff you have cooked or canned stuff. That is good to have a place to take it rather than throw it out.

    2. I take shelf stable food. Some canned meat which is too salty for me and extra canned fruit and vegetables. I try not to have leftovers when I cook as they are usually wasted.


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