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Friday, June 16, 2017

Downward Dog and Free Produce Program

Downward Dog is a hilarious new, summer tv sitcom. The dog has lots of theories on life. Some of them are so wrong and funny. His mouth moves for some of his talking unless he is musing as he eats through all the garbage cans in town. (last episode) Try it once. Tuesday night at 7 or 8 pm, not sure. I have been meaning to mention this for a few weeks.

I am writing this on Thursday night because exbf is coming Friday, and I am still exhausted and in pain from the first three weekdays. There is another show that I have been following, but cannot think of it now.

Thursday, I went to market and bought a basket of six peaches for $6. The first peach was so hard I could barely bite it and bitter to boot! I had a second one because I was so disappointed in the first. Thankfully, it was ripe and juicy. Otherwise, I might have gone right back with the remainder.

In this state and others, I think, there is a program that seniors with low incomes can receive a booklet of coupons to use at selected farmer's markets, even roadside produce stands. I received $30 worth of receipts in $6 denominations. One person gave me hers as she cannot get there. She is too far away for me to pick up and take back home. So, I have spent two coupons thus far. I intend to use one coupon each week. That makes ten weeks of shopping for free.

The low income is about $1,600 each month, or something near that. So, a person does not have to be in abject poverty. Of course, the amount goes up for a couple or for multiple people in family.

The dishwasher is half loaded. The washing machine has wet clothes that need to go into the dryer. The basket of clothes needs folding. The commode is dirty. So, I have things to do this Thursday night as I can stand up. I lie down lots and work a little.

Your turn
Have you seen Downward Dog? Is there anything else new on TV? Do peaches ripen after picking?


  1. Linda, sometimes peaches will ripen in a paper bag. But it seems they mostly go from rock hard to pithy.

    1. carol,
      Thanks. I ate two immediately and gave one to exbf, but I will place them in a paper bag as I eat one each day. Maybe I ate the only hard and bitter one.

  2. No I haven't seen it.
    Peaches in tins in heavy syrup is a childhood treat for me. Only later in life I learned there is an actual fruit.

    1. Ur-spo,
      Try Downward Dog. I am sure you could analyze him. That is a good memory to have. I did know there was a fruit. However, if I keep getting these horrid peaches, I may switch to tins of peaches.


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