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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Cake--Result of Using Up Ingredients

It all started with four large over-ripe bananas, almost black. Now, this banana is the best kind for me to eat--scrumptious. Plus, I had a Betty Crocker Delights Spice Cake with pudding in the mix. I was going to use a cup of mashed bananas. After I mashed three bananas, the measuring cup was not full. Hmmm, so I mashed the fourth banana and the cup was still not full. What gives?

Well, I was using the 2-cup measuring cup. That's what gives! I immediately dipped a cup of the mashed banana into a one-cup Ball jelly jar and popped it into the freezer. So, now I had about 2.5 cups. I plopped the largest spoon of banana EVER  into my mouth.

Next, I broke three jumbo eggs into the mixing bowl and dumped in the 2+ cups of mashed bananas and beat it well. Then, I dumped in the cake mix and beat until wet. After this, I put in about 5 ounces of shredded carrots, organic. I figured this would not beat well, but it did.

Instead of a cake pan, I used a pie pan lined with the Parchment paper and foil lining. Actually, cupcakes were the idea, but the cupcake pans were not visible in the front of the cabinet. So, I made do because I did not want to make my back hurt with the search. I even had the cupcake papers out and opened.

The cake mix was supposed to have 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of oil. I deliberately left out the oil because I was putting in bananas and did not remember water. After all, who puts water in a cake mix? I intended to put Greek yogurt in it and forgot.

Since I forgot to time it, I had to just watch it and estimate. It turned out well--done in the middle and not burned. I did not ice it.

It tastes great hot with a dab of butter!  The carrots are not really soft, not crunchy. If someone who will eat this who doesn't like bananas, don't worry, it really does not taste like bananas. It's just delicious. After it reached room temperature, the carrots were bits of sweetness, not tasting like carrots.

Exbf hates bananas, so I will see if he can eat this cake. I will let him eat one bite before I tell him. His is not an allergy problem, just a texture problem.

I saved four bananas, have frozen bananas to use later, used up half the carrots, used cake with Sept use-by date. The eggs were getting old, so it was time to use up that dozen store-bought eggs.

The cake mix might have spoiled in several ways: 1)bugs could have hatched in the flour; 2)oils in the mix could have gone rancid; 3)the leavening agents could have gotten too old and the cake might not have risen properly  My kitchen is very hot in the summer, not a place where things will last forever on the shelf. I did not want to put the cake mix into a freezer bag and store in freezer to solve these problems.

This felt like a win in many ways. And, I get cake. I have plans for the rest of the carrots.

Your turn
Do you use add-ins when not called for? Do you ever just start thinking and putting things together?

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  1. I am not a banana lover either, but it is definitely a texture issue for me. I do like it in baked goods as long as there are no chunky bits.
    I add stuff to cake mixes all the time, in fact I rarely use one as it is intended. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much, but we eat it anyway.


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