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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday : Free Lunch, Market, My Version of Meal Planning

Okay, so it was just a hotdog and Coke at Customer Appreciation Day where I get my car fixed. And, it was a Pepsi...yuck.  You do know that in the South we say we want a Coke and the person asks what kind we want. We do that.

White or green grapes were $0.99/lb. Of course, I price-matched at Walmart and got a little more than two pounds. On Tuesday I will get more. I eat apples plain. I eat banana/apple/grape with Miracle Whip on it. I grate red delicious apple into my tuna salad. My mother made it that way sometimes.

At the Farmer's Market at the Festhalle,  I bought a cabbage that was 5 lbs. for $2.  Eight squash were $2. Six large potatoes were $2. I will make coleslaw and freeze some to experiment. Cabbage and potatoes will be another meal. Cabbage and yellow squash sounds good. Just plain cabbage and Vidalia onions might finish off the cabbage.

I think I will cook the four sale pork chops and save two for our lunch when exbf comes. He will love the squash and cabbage and onion mixture.

Sluggy, that is how I plan.

Including the Farmer's Market and the $0.50/lb Vidalias and the $2 for the pork chops, cheap grapes and expensive apples and expensive milk, I will have spent about $20 to eat this next week. I paid $2.82 for three perfect Red Delicious apples. I will eat a half apple each day.

The cabbage is called Dutch Baby Flat Cabbage or something like that. It is so flat. I told the farmer to quit sitting on them.

Your turn
Does anyone plan meals as loosely as I plan? Have you seen a 5 pound cabbage? Have you ever seen the flat baby Dutch cabbage?


  1. My soninlaw plans like you! He's a great cook though. I like to know what I'll be eating for the week myself and when first married years ago, I made monthly menus. How have you been? I missed your posting. We have had lots of rain which means lots of weeds. My church changes service time for summer and I hate it- instead of 8:00 church I have to go at 10:30. I'm considering skipping today. Don't tell....I might go to big Lots. I haven't been there for ages.

    1. NAN,
      I am better now. I had a few days of feeling ill with few symptoms. Right now, my head is hurting from where I fell/tripped and hit it.

      It seems like 8am would be better for summer,get it out of the way so the rest of the day would be free for activities. We have had rain forever, the four days of dry, and now a week predicted for rain.

  2. We buy pretty much the same stuff every week, an then make a menu based on the core items.It does deviate. Last night, for example, my husband's favorite Alaskan salmon was finally available, so that made an appearance on the menu. It was delicious!

    1. Hawaii,
      I never buy grapes unless they are on sale. Now that they are $.99/lb, I buy and share with exbf. That is where the variation lies. Sales dictate menus. Of course, for a month or more, I ate what was in freezer as far as meats go. The salmon sounds wonderful.


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