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Friday, June 30, 2017

Free Temptations

I have no idea why I received a coupon for free bag of Temptations treats for cats. I chose Seafood Medley treats for cats. They also help control tartar. No, I don't have a cat, but my nice neighbor does. This was $1.79 at the store. The coupon had my name and address on it. Anyone else get one of these?

My urologist appointment today was next door to the garage where I was taking my car for the tire problem. However, their was a wreck that almost kept me from getting to my appointment on time. After 1.5 hours, the wreck was still their and clogging my progress to my tire place. I had to find a different way to get to the doctor's office, but getting out was easy. The wreck must have been horrible to have not been cleared away.

I was feeling faint, feverish, and weak all over, so winding around searching for a different route to the doctor's office in the rain was so annoying. Plus, I was afraid I would be the next wreck! But, I had to go pick up my meds.

Going to the memorial service Friday for the young lady shot in Nashville is going to be difficult. I will go early so I will not have to walk so far. The forecast is for heavy rain! ugh Lovely.

I feel so sick that I told exbf not to come tomorrow, plus he would have to travel in hard rain on the start of the holiday weekend with all the crazies and drunks starting to celebrate early. And, I doubt I could really enjoy the Wonder Woman movie. I am looking forward to sleeping most of the day when I can get home.

My shoes I am wearing have to be picked up at the cobbler's, so it is just one worry and tiring thing after another, it seems. At least my clothes are ready.

Your turn
Did anyone get a Temptations coupon in the mail? When you are ill and must do things, does it ever seem like you don't have another ounce of yourself to give even when you want to do something?


  1. No, we did not get the free coupon. I do get weird ones like that from time to time. I either give the coupon away or like you get the item and give it a friend.

    Yes, when I am sick - everything stops. Earlier this week, I did not even care that the floor was dirty.

    1. I have not washed the dishes in three weeks. I don't care, either! I am glad you understand how it is.


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