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Monday, June 19, 2017

Total Eclipse Surprise: Updated with maps

We probably all know a total eclipse will happen on August 21, 2017. The closest place for me to view it is a bit south of Nashville, TN, which 145 miles north of me on I-65. I intend to be there somehow! Here is the complete path.

In the mid 1980's I saw a partial eclipse. I think that was the timeframe. This will be my last chance to see a total eclipse. Come Hell or High Water, I will.

The surprise: exbf is going to take me. He just doesn't know it yet. I am quite sure if I asked him now, he would veto the idea. If he will drive up, I will drive back. Of course, we will go in his car.

When there was a partial eclipse, I made a pinhole camera to watch it. The guy I dated then was such a poop. He had absolutely no interest. He did not even share a smidgen of curiosity or want to listen to me or discuss anything. There are moments that show a person who is not a good match. His lack of any interest was one of those moments.

Who knows how exbf will react? Not me. But, I told him to take off work that day. I only ask him to ask off work to take me to a doctor appointment. When he casually asked me what this was for, I goofed up and smiled and said I would tell him later.

***Okay, I am adding this. I think he just thinks I was being ditzy. I did not realize today that my appointment with my doctor was just a visit. I could have sworn it was for a colonoscopy. We discussed this today, and how one day he is taking off for me is now unnecessary. Maybe he won't ask again about Sept. 21. I know, I will tell him it is my birthday present since Sept. 11 is my birthday. Usually, we go out to eat. ***

My plan: I will carefully decide what to fix to take to eat along the way and while there and on the trip back. He loves popcorn, red grapes, strawberries--all I have in mind so far. I hate red grapes, but if I only get one grape, it will be red. He likes chicken sandwiches, jerky, cheese. I will have to think on this and promise him his favorite things. Cold water and iced Diet Pepsi will be along. There will be more...promise.  At my house will be a divided plate with his dinner so he can just drive up, and I will bring it out to him. We do this sometimes when I have had him driving and out late rather than him hobbling in a waiting for me to heat up his dinner.

It will be so much fun. Well, unless he is a party pooper. He can do that.

Does anyone live south of Nashville and know of a good place right on the highway to watch the eclipse. My thought it to just pull off in a parking lot. There will be light pollution, but I am not trekking off to a mountain. IF the lights are set for a certain time, there will be no light pollution, but if they are light sensitive, the shopping center lights will come on in the middle of the day when it is dark.

I must get glasses to view the eclipse.

Will you be in the path of the total eclipse anywhere in the US? Will you be able to drive to see it? Are you at all excited or interested?


  1. I live in TN,about 20 miles north of the state line. We go to Nashville often for DH's health I-65.At the moment all I can think of is the 100 Oaks Mall, near Harding Place. We will be going up again later this week so I will check out exits for you.

    1. Dee,
      Brentwood is nine miles south of Nashville, according to internet. So, that seems like the best place to go to cut down on driving time. Thanks. Put the results on this post, not a later one. Thanks.

  2. Old Hickory Blvd might be a good option. The exit before that, Concord Road...there is a park about 1/2 mile east of the interstate. That might be an ok place also. I will check both out later. :)

  3. What kind of work does your ex do? I just assumed he was long retired.

    1. Blogreader,
      He actually is an engineer, grad of Auburn. He now works as a greeter for Walmart. The company he worked for closed down, and as an older worker, old enough to retire, he does this.


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