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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grocery List

Last week, I did not open the sale paper. I bought milk and bananas, I think.

I have had a few problems that slowed me down last week and the first of this week. But, the grocery sale papers came today, and I have already made my list. Prego spaghetti was $1.29. I got two. Kraft salad dressing was $1.25--got one. There are fruits and vegetables on sale, but I need to eat what I have.

Except for PictSweet vegetables. The bags that were $1.89 are now $1. Those frozen vegetables are the focus of this week's shopping dollars. Except for the fact I will get tomatoes from the Farmer's Market.

Something is shoved back in the refrigerator, so I must get it before it is moldy. I am determined to keep my clean refrigerator clean.  No lost food means no wasted food. Too much untended food leads to waste!

Just now, I told exbf not to come on Thursday. It will be rainy and maybe stormy down his way. Plus, rain would cause the drive to be hazardous. It will rain here all day tomorrow. He would get soaked getting into the house since he is so slow. Now, I am glad I did not buy red grapes for him at $0.89/lb. They are not my favorite. However, I do freeze them for him if he is not coming in time to eat them in their prime.

We were going to see Wonder Woman. Hopefully, it will still be here next week. I like the old, Lynda Carter, red outfit better than this new one.

I finally quit itching. I think that I had hives, but the did not appear to be hives as I normally have them. My whole fingers were swollen.

Your  turn,
Who is feeling the effects of Cindy? Rain? Worse? Have you ever tried PictSweet frozen vegetables?


  1. I like the Pictsweet brand as well as an other frozen veggies and buy them in bulk when they are on sale.
    This rain is getting old now!

    1. Anne, I am ready for the rain to go away. Pictsweet is my favorite. I want to just go cook some or all or them.

  2. I love Pictsweet Broccoli Florets and Chopped Spinach. It's obvious that other shoppers love them too as the space is often empty

    SW Florida has had more than its fair share of rain in the past week or so. We now have waterfront property but not the kind that increases value of the property. Hopefully it will go away in the next 2 or 3 days. Mosquitoes are really getting bad even though the county is doing it's best to keep up the spraying (it's done at night), Daily we
    go around the house and empty any standing water in pot saucers, bird baths, etc.

    Enjoy Wonder Woman and let us know what you think. We'll probably wait till it's at Netflix or Redbox.

    1. Bellen,
      Pictsweet goes on sale for $1/bag regularly here. I am partial to the Brussels sprouts.

      I am looking forward to the rain going away. Of course, after this, my weeds will need mowing! I put a drop of Dawn in large areas of water, like the birdbath or something puddled. Otherwise, I put Dawn and water in a sprayer and spray around where little bits of water stand. I read that even two drops of standing water, like in a leaf will breed mosquitoes.

      If WW is still here next week when he comes, we will see it. I see few movies at the theater, but this is one I do want to see there.

  3. We like the picsweet veggies here too but rarely buy them as they rarely go on sale below $1.50 a bag.

    We need rain here. Crops arent doing great bc of lack of rain. We've gotten pop up storms the last 2 weeks in our area but they keep missing us, going just north or just south of us.

    1. Rachel,
      Too bad they are not cheaper where you are. The farmers here should be happy with our rain. I hope it quits soon. Those popup showers are fickle. Hopefully the farmers will get some relief where you are.


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