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Monday, March 27, 2017

Put A Fork In It

Jelly doesn't last long around here if I put it in the cabinet. Well, it stays there so long it starts to mold. So, I keep it in the refrigerator. It is so firm after refrigeration that it is not spreadable.

Since there is just me around here, and I don't eat jelly every day, jelly must be kept in the refrigerator. Exbf eats his peanut butter plain, but he only has one every month or so. I am not fond of cold jelly since the taste is not the same as jelly kept on the shelf. Only because it molds over time do I refrigerate jelly now.

I got sick and tired of rolling around a ball of jelly on bread and eventually ripping a hole in the bread to spread the jelly. If I wanted lots of jelly, I could just make the whole sandwich full of large lumps of jelly. A thin layer is what I like, not getting a chunk of jelly in my mouth and none with the next bite.

One day, I decided to use a fork to get the jelly out of the jar, thinking a fork might shred it a bit. That worked.  It is not necessarily more spreadable, but the fork is easier to use to spread jelly. The fork breaks up the ball of jelly into little lines of jelly. It is in smaller pieces after using the fork. It works for me!

Your turn
Do you keep jelly in the refrigerator or on the shelf? Do you find it molds on the shelf? Maybe you have more people at your house who are eating jelly? Have you ever used a fork to dip or spread jelly in order to make spreading easier?


  1. I do not eat jelly at all so, no problem :)

    I am commenting to share that I did try the peanut butter with maple syrup and I like it! I mixed them before I spread them on the bread so, it wasn't very runny.Thanks for the tip.

    1. T'Pol,
      I mix them, too. I am glad you did. You can pour the syrup on the bread, but why? The syrup runs right through and does not spread around. Sometimes, I put too much syrup in the peanut butter and it is not runny, just super smooth. Glad you like it.

  2. I rarely eat bread so never use jelly except in baking. I have a raspberry almond bar I make that is delicious and uses raspberry preserves. I'm sitting here eating some corn chowder- it was very good (3 days old LOL) and I want to make a list of recipes I liked. Sometimes I'll make something and then not remember what cookbook or where the recipe came from!Tonight I'm baking deep dish pizza! I'll be eating it until Thursday haha.

  3. NAN,
    Three days old is good. I cook things and then eat them until they are gone. Corn chowder--never had it. The mention of pizza makes my mouth water. Thanks

  4. TheHub is my jelly eater. I might have it a time or two a month, but he makes pbj's for a nighttime snack a lot. I always keep it in the refrigerator but the only reason I can think of for doing it is because my mom and grandmother did.

    1. Anne,
      Jelly for a daily eater should be safe on the shelf. It's funny how we do what our mothers and grandmothers did. Your husband seems to consume fattening food quite often in the day. He must have a great metabolism. It seems once you said he was in shape, too.


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