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Friday, March 24, 2017

No Free Dinner, Just Cheap and Major Cleanup

Friday, J came and started the cleaning off the counters. She became ill like she was going to throw up so left early. Since the kitchen is half done and in rough shape, I did not want to shuffle things to cook. I am ill and didn't feel like thinking or looking in the refrigerator! After searching my purse, I found a coupon for $10 at KFC. Now, I had to pay $6 for this, so not such a great deal.

Remember, KFC gravy always makes me feel better, so off I went, since I am sooo sick...all since last night. For $6 spent last year for the coupon, I got chicken breast, green beans, slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, extra gravy, biscuit, plus senior tea. Usually, I cannot eat all this if I get the extra stuff. Today, I did! Well, I did bring the biscuit home. I suppose that will be dessert later. Tomorrow, Dominique will get the bones with some meat and all the skin.

Weeks ago, I bought a box of Chocolate Malt-O-Meal...think that is the name. Well, it appealed to me because it was chocolate. Finally, it did not look good to me. I wanted to give it to neighbor who carries out trash to road. But, I would hate to open the box and offer him an opened box. The plan was to open it while he watched, make the cereal, try it and give him the box if I did not like it.

Bad plan. He never would want to hang around that long. And, I would hate to love it and tell him he could not have it. Today, I mentioned the plan to J. She said for us to try it now. So, we did with a half glass of milk. She loved it and I hated it, so she got to take it home.

For breakfast, I had a banana and water. Lunch was 1/4 cup of chocolate M-O-M and milk. So, no wonder I could eat all I did at KFC. It's 10:30 pm, biscuit time. I love them plain!

Four days of food talk is just about enough! I have things to do tomorrow, so I need to feel better. At this point, I am calling the kitchen counter clean up a success. I need to clean off the dustiness and then clean the little stains. Things were put up high even though I cannot reach them without a stool. She took home an unopened box of salt and about a dozen other foods.

On the counters I have had pretty decorative glass jars with pastas, rice, peas, and other foods. I dumped the brown rice and gave J the penne pasta. Since it was sealed in a glass jar, I am quite sure it is fine. I think I might get rid of storage on the counter. Maybe I will just put several of the jars on a tray so it looks more contained. At the present I am unhappy with my food in jars on the counter.

All the decorative glass containers came from a very nice thrift store in Huntsville. They were cheap enough, like a quarter or a dollar. I'm not sure that I want to get rid of the pretty jars even if they don't stay on the counter. Such a dilemma!

Several years ago, I posted the organization and cleanout of the cabinet next to the stove. Well, it is a mess again. All this I can handle by myself. If not, she will be enlisted only after I clean out stuff from the whole kitchen, including the table. When I hurt, I just put things on the table. That will end!

Your turn
Have you ever had chocolate Malt O Meal? Do you like it? Do you keep foodstuff on the counter in their containers or in a decorative container? Have you ever gotten the kitchen counters in such a state that you could not stand the clutter anymore? This is only a lately happening for me.


  1. I have bought and eaten chocolate Malt O Meal and do not like it at all.

    1. Anne,
      It just does not have enough chocolate to be tasty. Maybe Dominique will like it. Thanks for that opinion.

  2. I cannot bear any cereal. (That's what it is, yes?)You have struck a trigger of mine. Our school district tossed around the idea of an earlier start time so kids could be at school to ensure they get breakfast, because milk and cereal products are so expensive, and parents "simply don't have time." I never understood why people feel that cold cereal and milk are essential. I understand people may feel it saves them time in the mornings, but really, make up pancakes the night before,and pop them in the toaster in the mornings as the kids emerge. How long does it take to spread jam on toast, or, what we do in a pinch, spread peanut butter on bread? Anyway, any of my kids who don't care for the breakfast offerings in this house, or get up too late to have time to eat and fix their hair, can go to school hungry for all I care. I don't appreciate my schedule being disrupted for lazy parenting. If you find you don't have time to feed your kids, then get them and yourself up earlier...which you're going to have to do anyway if the earlier start time is enacted.
    Ugh. Sorry. And, yes, while not my kitchen, there are certain parts of my home that have become so disorganized I can't stand it. This fall, I dumped the contents of a craft closest on the floor, and got rid of about 25% of the items. It was quite liberating!

  3. Meg,
    So, all children have to be at school so a few can eat?

    I did feed cereal to my children but not every day. Plus, they did get something else to eat. I do remember the days I made pb sandwiches and grabbed several glasses of milk for them to eat in the car. It was probably my fault they got up too late--clock's fault.

    Maybe you should ask for a special dispensation so your kids don't have to be there so early since you get up and feed them.

    I never bought sugary cereal and they did not put sugar on their corn flakes. Okay, once a year, I might buy a sugary cereal. I preferred to give them oats and milk and toast. My kindergarten child said it made her sleepy, so I quit that. They like scrambled eggs. If I were ambitious, I made pancakes.

    My back is the only thing stopping me as I cannot stand very long, so it just gets worse in the kitchen. My ambition is still strong. But, you know what they say about good intentions--the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. I guess I am on a slippery slope.

    I already feel liberated even with the sink full of dishes from the counter and from cleaning out food from refrigerator still visible and hindering me. Things left here...good news for me and counters.

    1. Ha. As it turns out, the voters in our district dislike paying extra hours to personnel needed for the hare brained idea as more than they want to pawn off their kids. So, breakfast is still available at school, but kids aren't required to show up to ensure they have a full 30 minutes in the cafeteria to eat. (That was the plan.) The elementary school teachers are quite flexible about allowing kids to eat at their seats before the day gets underway. Also, almost every teacher in the district, from kindergarten to high school allows kids to have water bottles and eat fruit during the day, unless it's a situation like a science lab or shop class.
      Sorry for ranting on your blog. I just cannot bear people not taking responsibility for their own choices. I get enough of that from my teens!

    2. Meg,
      The rant was perfectly okay. All the more lax rules are good for some students, but the ones who take advantage are the problem, hence the rules in the first place. Some schools here have Coke machine and snack machines in the halls, right outside the classrooms!

      I don't think I would have let my children eat at school, but I don't know for sure.

  4. I dislike kitchen clutter, yes
    I have some containers with flour, sugar and the like, including Miracle-gro, which is bright blue. It is always good talk for supper invite.

    1. Miracle-Gro on the counter? Okee dokee. I can see how that would start a conversation.


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