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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Free things to Do

Exbf comes here once a week. This last week, I forgot to send home my taxes with him so he can do them for me.

He will take me to lunch or dinner if I ask, but that is a rare occurrence because I rarely ever ask since I am very aware of saving money by eating at home.

Two weeks ago, I decided I would find something free to do each week. When there is a senior event, a customer appreciation day, or the free lunches, he is sometimes present. More often than not, he is not here.

He can get a certain day off if he asks ahead of time. I never ask him to change his day off for anything but to take me to a medical appointment where I will be sedated or for checkups with the oncologist.

Now, I will alert him when I find something free to do instead of just hoping he will be off that day. That way, we can do something interesting when he is here. He is very much agreeable with this plan.

Since both of us have trouble walking, the choices might be limited.

We certainly can spend money, just prefer to find coupons or deals instead of paying full price. Cheap movies are always fun and he is all for that.  Sonic had 50 cent corn dogs. That is close enough to free since I rarely have a corn dog!

The first free "thing" we did was going to the local tornado shelters, newly built, and getting a tour of the facility. For a year I had passed them by and wondered what they were like inside. Now, we know. I have pictures of that I will share. This last week, we went to another.

Old minds that are still active do enjoy and need new things to consider and discuss. Since neither of us had seen a public tornado shelter, we learned lots. We added to our store of knowledge.

There are events published in the papers all the time. Writing them down will help to get us organized.

The local junior college never has free events unless it is for students, unlike state universities. Besides, those buildings involve many steps to get inside!

In the Spring there are more activities, so we will try to do something every week. Before I had so much trouble with my back and knees, I went to festivals and all sorts of events, but I cut back.

Your turn
Do you look for free or really, really cheap events in your town? What have you found or heard of to do that does not cost too much?


  1. Very nice post, Linda. I love your line "Old minds that are still active do enjoy and need new things to consider and discuss." Doesn't everyone need to keep having new things to talk about.

    1. Sam,
      We are not quite ready for the regular rounds of bingo and gospel singing like I have observed.

  2. Free is good. We are lucky here, and very recently I have gone to two free festivals. We could have spent money - but had a fine time without.

    1. EC,
      we have free festivals, most of which I cannot attend at all. That is a bummer. I need an electric scooter.

  3. For some reason I thought I'd check to see if you were back - Yea!! I've missed you

    Free things to do: our paper, which I subscribe to on-line for about 1/4 the price, daily lists things to do. Some are free, some have nominal cast.

    Tuesday I'm going to a free flower show that is being judged by national judges. Our libraries almost always have something free like a music presentation, a book discussion, a film, craft making, lecture or author speaking. Our local Parks and Recreation also sponsor free events - bonsai demonstrations, free films, sports events to watch - currently a national college LaCrosse competition. We have a local Cultural Center that offers a lot of free or very low cost classes in almost anything, free films, a low cost restaurant, a variety of games to play for $1-2 a session (dominoes, mahjong, scrabble, chess) where they offer snacks, and you can sit in the center area/lobby and listen to live music for free or pay to sit in the room and watch them play.

    Luckily hubby and I are able to walk without any problems so we have been using the extensive free park system usually 2x a week - exercise, birding and some great conversations with others. Many of our parks have some ADA accommodations - you're don't use a wheelchair or a walker do you?

    We treated ourselves to a trip to Myakka City FL to see a training session of Hermann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions last Thurs. It was about a 45 min trip and cost us $5 each!! Show lasted about an hour, grounds are ADA accessible and it is so popular that there were 3 busloads of seniors there that day.

    Ringling Museum (of circus fame) offers FREE Mondays of all but the magnificent home, many other museums offer free days, some of the local colleges have free or very low cost theater productions, art shows, and if offered as classes, a restaurant. One of the local colleges offers free use of their telescopes at night at certain times of the year. How about a technical high school or college in your area that pairs students with seniors for computer expertise?

    And, last but not least, do you always check the clearance racks for great deals on food? Our local Walmart Neighborhood store, not the big store, always has great deals. Our Walmarts do NOT do price matching and our Dollar Tree does NOT accept coupons - really wish they did.

    Library - I request books to be put on hold, usually the max of 8, so I can just go in and pick them up. I also make use of the Hoopla for movies and other e-books and Zinio for magazines on-line - both free thru the library.

    Walmart - since free home delivery is now only $35 I order from them about every 6-8 weeks for staples - saves gas and I don't have to carry them into the house, my UPS driver brings them right in for me. I now have arthritis in my right shoulder that is impeding my doing what I never had trouble with, including getting dressed, hubby helps with that not the UPS driver:)

    Sorry this is so long, but since we're living on such a limited income we have to make the most of it and we've really been trying to make our life not so humdrum.

    1. bellen,
      Walmart does price match, so I get good bargains. At every store I go into, I check the shelves with reduced items. This area does not have the things your area has. It's a small town. The things at the library often don't interest me at all. It seems most activities are geared toward children. I do enjoy when authors come. I am glad the UPS driver does not dress you. I do wish there were telescopes available here! I won't be ordering from WM at those rates. It seems high to me. Not so hum drum is the goal here, too. I am glad you found me back in business.

    2. Linda - sorry left out some info on Walmart home delivery - it's free with a $35 order, not a $35 delivery fee

  4. We have a good bit of no/low cost entertainment which we take advantage of sometimes and other times, not so much.

    1. Anne,
      I see what all you have and wish I lived closer. The food festivals interest me, even though pricey sometimes. The walking would probably stop me.

      About 20 years ago, I went to art openings at night in north B'ham. I forgot what it was called. There were always free snackies and wine. A friend and I went to the walking picture show, not cheap, but well worth what HE paid. He was more into it than I was, and I was pretty excited. I miss those days!

  5. Bellen,
    I was baffled! Thanks for the correction. We have the same deal here, except think you just drive up at the store to pick it up. I will check to see if there is free delivery to the house. Thanks.


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