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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Free Dinner Wednesday

On Wednesday, I had to go to the orthopedist in Huntsville. When I got through, I met up with a friend who gave me a meal in a go-box to take with me.

Baked chicken breast, one medium roasted red potato, salad, a croissant, and a small square of chocolate cake that was mostly chocolate icing. There are no complaints about the frosting/icing since I would take all icing if offered. If I can keep this going with the free meals, I may never have to cook again.

Of course, Dominique gets the leftovers. There is plenty of meat left on the bones, plus the skin. Some salad got underneath the chicken. She gets grass and weeds, too, along with her staple--a serving of oats.

I don't know if I said so, but on Tuesday, Dominique got a huge plate from the Tuesday free lunch. I ate everything but the bone and fat from the pork chop and skin from the sweet potato. J left most of her meal. Since she left so much, I did not have to ask other people for scraps.

It is now time for dinner on Thursday evening, and there is no free dinner forthcoming. Have I been spoiled? Next Tuesday, there will be another delicious lunch!

This morning, Thursday, I baked 13 chicken legs in a turkey bag. These are for exbf.  They are frozen and ready for him to take home when he comes.  While I wanted to cook them on the grill, I did not want to cook on the grill. Legs are so greasy. After they baked, I took off the skin and set the legs in a colander to get a bit more fat off them. He will appreciate that little touch.

I uncovered a bag of cooked, frozen chicken breasts while I put the legs away. So, one of those will be part of my dinner. Maybe a salad, too. It will be wonderful to get all the food from the freezer eaten. I think the uncooked chunks of beef and lamb are gone. There is only ground pork and ground beef, I think.

Your turn
Do like the frosting or the cake better? When I was losing weight, I just ate frosting off my piece of cake. I figured I would just eat what I really loved, not everything in front of me in order to not gain and still enjoy chocolate.


  1. I love the icing on cakes, especially if it is chocolate

  2. As I age I enjoy more the cakes sans frosting or just a little.

  3. urspo,
    Daddy hated frosting, so he scraped it off and declared the bit that stuck was plenty for him.


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