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Thursday, March 16, 2017

What was that sound?

Tuesday night, about 8 pm I was lying with the laptop's front edge on my ribs, typing. I did not realize my phone was up under my chin on my collarbone. The remote was on my chest, too. I lie here, typing with everything on top of me.

Suddenly, there was a repetitive alarm sounding, sort of like the alarm on the tv for a weather alert. It seemed the sound was coming from my laptop.

As I was trembling, I was also sort of waving my hands around trying to figure out what it was, where it was. Well, it was my cell phone!--touching my neck, collarbone, and my chin! It had never made this sound before. I opened it and found an Amber Alert. I had never gotten an Amber Alert on my phone! Have you?

At any rate it was for a girl from Tennessee that was seen in a town about 25 miles north of me--a 16-year-girl who was in the company of a 51-year-old teacher from her school. It seems she left willingly.

Wednesday, I got all the ads for local stores. They come in a free paper in the mailbox. So, I made my grocery list.

Head of lettuce  $.99
head of cabbage  $.69
5 lbs. red potatoes  $1.49 Is that a good price?
Ragu $1.79
2 lb bag of carrots $.49

I may not get the potatoes. Oops, I forgot to look online for Kroger's and Sprouts. Hopefully, milk will be reduced somewhere! Oh well, later. I don't need anything right now, so I may shop on Sunday.  I will not buy anything that is regular price!

Monday is Free Cone Day at DQ.  You know where I will be? Wait! we have two DQs, hmmm

Your turn
Have you ever gotten an Amber Alert on your cell phone? Did the sound shock you as much as it did me?  What kind of  sales have you found this week?  Do you like cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and onion in the crock pot?


  1. I had never gotten an Amber Alert on my phone until a few weeks ago in NYC. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Got another about the young girl in Tennessee this week. Again it scared me because the sound is so different

    1. Anne,
      LOL...I don't think I would ever become accustomed to that sound. I'm glad to know it startled/scared someone else! Thanks!

  2. No, never have had an Amber phone alert but last week I was at a college taking a special class on a Friday afternoon. About 3 PM the fire alalrm went off and really startled me. We 'students' all started to get up and leave the classroom and someone said oh it's just a test and everyone started saying now how do we know that LOL? Fortunately, a couple ran into the hall and yes, just a test! At least I didn't panic too much. It's cold here too but thankfully, not like the snowy NE! I just spent the last 3 days at Disney World with the grandsons. We had a great time but it was $$. I'm glad you are back posting!

  3. NAN,I would hesitate to believe a fire alarm was just a test. I can understand your concern. I was at a campus and students were streaming from a building after a fire alarm. Some thought that it was a test. Others said they did not care because it was a long way down the stairs. Eventually, the firemen came out. It was not a test, just someone pulling the fire alarm. He assured the students they were right to leave the building.

    I wish I could go to Disney World! I've never been. Thank goodness it is warming up here.

  4. We dont have amber alerts here.
    I was at a morning showing of a movie one time, there were only a handful of elderly people in the cinema and the fire alarm went off. The popcorn machine had a fire in it and we had to stand on the street until the firies came to check everything by which time we couldn't see the rest of the film but they gave us all free tickets to see it again

  5. kylie,
    That would be scary! I hope the weather was fine for standing out. Thanks

  6. No Amber Alerts for me
    I am fascinated by the free cone day - is it popular?


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