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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aloe Transplant

So, this is the way it went down.  I bought a $5 aloe vera plant and put it on a plastic lid and onto the kitchen window sill. From the bottom of the pot to the bottom of the pot, it was about six-inches high. I was happy, ready for the next burn. For years I have meant to purchase one or get a baby from someone.

In the doctor's office on Thursday, I asked the receptionist if that was an aloe plant beside her. She said, no, it was a succulent. (I know.) Then, she started telling me how they all divided a huge plant a doctor had left behind when he retired. She said her plant was huge now. I asked her if it had babies. She volunteered to bring me some on Friday. I picked it up.

Finally, Saturday, about 24 hours later, I took it out of the foil and wet paper towel. It had lots of roots. I had potting soil and water. However, none of the pretty, ceramic pots have holes in the bottom for drainage. So, I used fat plastic cups and cut holes in those. One of the long leaves was all pinched, so I broke it off and put it in another cup. The plastic cups with holes now sit in the pretty  pots without holes. I put a broken plastic knife in the bottom of the pot so the cup with holes would not be sitting in water if they drain.

After I potted the plant and the leaf, I decided to read about how to grow the leaf. It appears I should not have stuck the leaf in the dirt. But, it's done!

I did water the dirt, but it seemed rather dry when I poked a hole for the plant and the leaf. So, if aloe like dryness, maybe this is okay.

Saturday night, I returned the purchased plant to Walmart and got my $5+tax back.

The juice is supposed to be good to stop itching from mosquito bites, I read. Exbf gets bitten dozens of times just getting into the house because he is so slow on two canes and cannot swat them away and hurry inside. It may take more than one plant to help him stop the itching.

On the internet are many descriptions of the proper way to plant the broken off leaf. I just don't know which way is correct.

Tuesday night and the aloe still looks okay.

Your turn
Has anyone successfully had a broken leaf live by sticking it in dirt? Do you have an aloe plant? How much do you break off to use on a burn? Is it possible to start a new plant from the piece used to treat a burn? What else have you used aloe to cure?


  1. Linda somewhere I read that aloe was patented and starting new plants was illegal. It must have been meant on a commercial level but how could they enforce such a thing? Some years ago I had a little luck propagating African violets with one leaf. But then they all died, which is the story of my gardening life.

    1. carol,
      Aloe on the black market? That is about what things are coming to! Maybe it was a new variety? Hopefully.

  2. That is some encouraging post for me, I am not into gardening but after reading your post I am going to get my new plant

  3. very informative blog..thanks for giving such useful information..keep sharing


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