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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Storms Dissipated and Scary Dog

Today has been a pleasant but cloudy and drizzly day. Since winds of 60 mph were forecast, what's a dreary day? The line of red on the radar headed this way gave way to a green band of showers before it arrived. Red is bad, stormy weather; green is a bit of gentle rain. So, going out to feed Dominique got me a bit wet. Since I was taking a nap, I am not aware of winds happening. There was nothing in the yard to indicate the weather was rough. I had the window ac on, so heard nothing.

There was a dog in the side yard and coming from the backyard, scary looking, when I wanted to feed Dominique. The dog had a huge head and no ears. It refused to move when I yelled and waved my arms. It just stared. I was afraid to go out to Dominique, so called Animal Control. I have already had two different dogs charge me in my own yard, so dogs get a report!

It came from the back yard and was by the side door. So, I know Dominique was frightened. We have leash laws! People have been bitten in this neighborhood by all sorts of dogs. Besides, I step in dog gifts and do not like that.

Dominique grabbed the KFC chicken breast and shook it to get a bite. She was frantically working on it when I left. She loves KFC. Actually, she just loves chicken to eat. Ooops, forgot to give her green stuff. So, another trip in the drizzle. She had safflower, oats, and banana, so she will appreciate greens. And, I forgot to give her fresh water. She has water, but it needs to be changed.

Last night, my back hurt so that I just lay down after one swipe on the counter next to the stove. So, I suppose I should get back at it. Plus, the crock pot is dirty still, and there is a huge chicken that needs to go into it tonight. Maybe I will cook apples, dip out the apples, and cook the chicken in the apple juice like I did last time, then add more food as I take some out. I foresee a five day cooking marathon with the crock pot going the whole time.

I really need a pellet pistol! I would wear it at my waist!

BTW, we had a dog that roamed, but there were no laws. Besides, she never barked at anyone who was not in our yard or walking in front of our yard. I know, I know.

Not much happening here. But, I killed a mosquito that landed on my arm.

Some of you may be in the line of storms. How did it go at your place? Bad weather or drizzle? Wind?  Do you have dogs come into your yard and try to bite you? How do you handle that? I cannot shoot anything more than a pellet gun in the city. Who wants chicken cooked in the fresh apple juice that has cinnamon in it?


  1. that is too much drama for now. time for a laid-back week for you!

    1. urspo,
      I certainly did not plan for the dog drama!


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