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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I can only remember some of the great deals I have gotten on groceries.  Most were purchased at Walmart with the price-match. Bold price is price at WM.

Starkist tuna $.50/ 5 oz can $.99
black beans, $.50 can          $1
green grapes $.99/lb            $2.98
Milk $.99/gal.                     $3.90
apples $.49/lb.                     $1.49
carrots $.49/2 lb bag           $1.49

Milk has been $.99/gallon since Christmas, it seems. One week, though, I had to pay $3.90. This week, for the first time, it is $1.99 at Kroger's. I certainly hope to see more of the $.99 gallons  of milk in the future!

I am really enjoying the grapes by the pound. When grapes are expensive and I want them, I usually pull off a little stem to purchase with maybe a dozen grapes. At this low price some of the grapes are frozen on a plate and then transferred to a freezer bag for future sweet, frozen goodness!

I bought ten cans of tuna and 8 cans of black beans. I have developed an affinity for black beans, especially in Mavis taco casserole.

Shopping at Publix is great if you mostly stick to their reduced section. Placemats made from the stuff people use to line drawers were $4 at Publix, reduced to $1. Well, it has the same look. I bought one yellow placemat and cut out four squares to use for jar openers. My rubbery ones for getting a grip on jars have all become hard and slick--no grip. However, the new ones in the store are expensive, so I refused to buy those and just made my own. Since I bought a yellow placemat, I already know I will never find the yellow squares if I place it on my yellow counter! Good deal, Linda, plan better.

Another bargain was getting my hair color with $2 coupons from the paper inserts. For a while there were hair color coupons every week. I am well-stocked! If I could have found it on sale, the savings would have been better.

For help with sleep, I take Melatonin, Natrol brand. I found it at a drugstore I have never been in before for less than I pay at CVS. Plus, they had Hefty cups in my favorite color--pink--and cheaper than I usually pay at WM.  Now, there are two bottles of Melatonin waiting for me when I run out of what I have open. The ad in our shopper's guide, a free paper that only carries ads and "for sale" items alerted me to that deal.

At the food handout that is not dependent on your income, I got lots of vegetables--potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, apples, bananas. Some days, there is a jar of peanut butter or cans of food. Maybe there was more but I cannot remember. What is available each time is different except for the bag of beans and bag of rice. At this place, there is no sign-in. At the church during lunch, lots of people who have plenty talked about how they come by and get their bag of beans and rice and other foods.

Since J helped me clean out the freezer, it is reorganized, revealing meat I can eat--meat I need to eat. It has been hard, but I have not purchased meat, no matter the deal. As for cleaning out the freezer, it takes two people since one person needs to hold back the avalanche of frozen chunks of meat. They really hurt when they fall on my feet and toes. At this point, I can shuffle things about in the freezer without fear! So, no meat deals except for the deals I got in the past.

So....that is how food purchases have gone down here.

Your turn
Has anyone found fantastic milk prices? What kinds of great deals have you found lately? Do you find the items I listed and purchase them more cheaply, getting a better deal?


  1. Never saw milk that low here, best price is Aldi at $2.25. You got some good deals. My freezer is an avalanche too. So much stuffed in there who knows what is in the back? A friend of mine brings me frozen dinners for seniors. I feel sorry for the people who get them, they are awful. No salt, no seasoning. Sometimes I can put sev e ral together and eke out a meal. I'm getting lazy, buying Banquet dinners when they are 99 cents.

  2. carol,
    I have seen those dinners and would hate to know I had to depend on them. My elderly neighbor got them and would ask the woman to leave one for me. YUCK! Finally, we got meals one day and we both threw them in her trash. I would hate to be so needy or old that those were all I got to eat. ONLY THE salsbury steak was fit to eat and tasty.

    The cheap milk was a combination of Aldi and Kroger. If you can believe it, Kroger was cheaper. For two weeks Aldi had NO milk at all. I don't know what was up with that.

  3. I buy the same milk which is organic milk regardless of price. Actually I hate milk but some is needed at times for the tea.

    1. Urspo,
      I love milk and never drink tea!


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