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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Look What I Did! and Disaster

Everyday, I take the same path from Dominique's pen door to the place where I put her food--under the table on which her Rubbermaid home sits. Some days, she is impatient and jumps and I lose my balance trying to dodge her or I spill her food. I don't fall down; I just stagger a step or two.

Tuesday was no different in the path I took for the seven feet to her food place. However, today she ran around me and jumped up on the table. Her food goes underneath the table. She almost hit me in the face as she jumped and I started to bend. She seemed intent on looking right at me instead of the food that was close enough to her to jump on as I held it.

I turned and talked to her. Beyond her, I could see her egg she laid today. I was so pleased. I have been complaining about not getting eggs since she started laying again. It seemed she wanted me to see the egg. She is a funny chicken. "Look what I did!"

Now, I have breakfast for Wednesday!

When I was in Walmart, a guy was putting groceries on the shelves. I saw he had many cans of peaches on a rack about chest high. Remember, I was riding in the electric cart.

Sometimes, the employees reset the shelves and remove items and reduce them. Hoping the cling peaches were being reduced, I asked him and reached for one. It was bent on the top rim. I turned it slightly to see if the pop top had been compromised.

As I did so, I could see the pop top was still intact. I could also see a stream of peach juice run over my shoulder and onto my chest. Yes, it was disturbing. What was more disturbing was that I had washed the coat the day before, hung it to dry, and put it on clean 30 minutes before I looked at the peaches....sigh.

The reason I mention this at all is because these easy-open tops with the pull-ring are easily damaged. Plus, they don't store well and sometimes come open after a month or two. Most of mine stay intact, but it takes only one to be very annoying. Maybe jostling a can top is the reason some come loose. We are accustomed to cans of food being able to take the jostling in a bag on the way from the grocery to shelf. It's a problem.

Your turn
Do your chickens or animals of any sort ever seem to want you to see something?  Have you ever had the easy-open cans open before you pulled on the ring?


  1. I used to have a dozen chickens. Loved those critters. So much they gave me breakfast. Never seemed to want to show me anything. Our dogs and cats, however, are another story. Several times a week they'd want to give me some dead critter. Yuck!

    1. Line,
      I need more chickens. Soon. They are amusing and I love fresh breakfast. I don't have a dog or cat, but my friend's cat bought dead or live critters into his house.

  2. I had a cat once who would present me with dead mice. I sensed he was pleased to present me such a gift.
    Avoid Wal-mart and easy open cans.

    1. urspo,
      I suppose cats want you to know they are doing their job! Well, I must shop WM and very rarely buy those tops. I will certainly avoid those peaches!


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