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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tuesday--Free Lunch, Free Dinner, Free Snacks!

Today, J and I went to a church dinner. We got there a bit early and she painted her nails with some polish I gave her since she had none. We talked and noticed nothing around the car as we sat.

When it was time to go in, I was shocked. Not one soul or car was there. She checked her calendar and found we were there on the wrong day. I drove away and suddenly remembered another church had a lunch today. We turned around and went to the other church.

The dinner was spectacular and dinner will be, too. I brought home a go-plate. We had pork chops that were so tender and tasty. Sweet potatoes were baked in foil. I believe they were my favorite variety--Beauregard. Corn and a slice of bread with garlic butter finished the meal. They always have cookies in a snack bag for dessert. Unsweetened tea makes me happy every time.

We went to WM where I had one thing to get. Then, she went with me to Belk to bring shoes to me. I tried on lots of shoes and found nothing. Then, we went to purses where I did find something with her help, just not what I wanted. She does not have a purse at all. Since she will be helping me, I offered to buy here a $20 purse and she could work it off. I was not being mean, but that was the price of mine after several markdowns. It is not leather but looks better than my raggedy purse which was free and new a few years ago.

We came back here, sat and watched Dominique and enjoyed the warm weather with a gentle breeze. Since I had promised J Southern Living magazines, we came inside. Well, I thought the stack was 8 inches high. No, there were four stacks that were each a foot high. She only took about 1/3 of the magazines. When she is through with them, we will haul them to a food bank, a doctor's office, and various places. I only kept about 6, one of which belongs to my son. I had magazines of all sorts that I had forgotten about. They were out of sight in a closet, not cluttering my living space.

I wish I had the money I spent on magazines. Of course, they were cheaper than movies and more uplifting than going out--what friends did. By the way, I got rid of ten years of Victoria about fifteen years ago and never bought another one. This is just about the fifth time I have gotten rid of magazines. I want to keep them until a few years pass and all of a sudden, I don't want them, then I get rid of more.

Now, it is time to heat the take-out dinner and enjoy that once again. Snacks were cookies. Since I have had a banana, I will have strawberries, and an apple to round out my meal and snack later on tonight. Maybe I will have kale with the meal, too.

Dominique gave me two eggs today. Yesterday, she obviously laid one late. Then, there was today's egg.

My free things to do happened today. Two meals. Wow, and I did not mess up a dish. We had a very pleasant, low key, inexpensive girl's day out.

Your turn
Do you have too many magazines? Do you get rid of them often? Was the weather beautiful so you could sit outdoors in sandals and a short sleeve? Anyone get a free lunch today or lately?


  1. I get rid of magazines a couple of months after they come, providing I have finished reading them with a couple of exceptions. I keep Smithsonian for a year and Fortune and Kiplinger's for a few months.

    1. Anne,
      Obviously, I am not that conscientious. I am keeping the English Journal and Early American Life. There is only one Southern Living that I want to keep. There is a Cabbage Patch magazine with pictures and patterns from 1985 that I will keep.

  2. I just purged a bunch last fall, and have let all my magazine subscriptions run out. They were clutter I wasn't using. Nice church dinners.

  3. Sam,
    I had someone carry more to my car to take away from here. YAY! I did enjoy the food.

  4. I have maybe 10 - 15 years of Martha Stewart Living. I just sold some of the oldest ones on eBay. I am ready for the others to go. I also have all but 6 or so Cooks Illustrated that have been published. I'm close to letting those go too. I think I'm entering a new stage where it is time to part with "stuff"

    1. Janet,
      For years, I would go through each magazine from a stack of 50 or so the see if there was a recipe I might want to tear out. Now, I just stack them up to donate.

      There is still one magazine I do want to keep, so I have to look for that as I go.

      Selling them is a great idea.


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