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Monday, March 20, 2017

Dehydrating Preparations

DQ info below this post.

Since I feel like I can commence dehydrating once more, I have to prep for the job. Saturday, I had J remove the stack of clutter on one side of the dehydrator. Some was trash. Some was food. Other things needed to be put in the correct place. All this was leaning on the dehydrator. I think the dehydrator needs to have space around it to function properly. I could not handle that little bit by myself. The counter on that side of the dehydrator is only about two feet wide.

When she finished carrying extraneous items to their homes, I told her I could clean the dust and such from the counter. I am not totally useless. Tomorrow, I will wash all the dehydrator trays so I can start dehydrating on Monday. Well, that is the plan. Or Tuesday. Some celery is going south, so if it survives, I will have at least a half-pint of celery for cooking. Maybe Dominique will get it. When I finish salvaging food, I need to start on new carrots and celery for a friend that is long overdue.

THEN, I must wash the racks and trays they sit on and the whole inside of the dehydrator. Ugh! That's my least favorite part of all this.

Dominique gave me an egg today. Good girl. Now, I can have scrambled eggs for breakfast. I still will not purchase eggs from the store.

When I regularly give her green stuff to eat, she gives me eggs with golden yolks, almost orange. Those yolks are rich in Omega 3. That stuff is used to prevent heart disease and treat heart disease.

Has anyone ever dehydrated store-bought dehydrated dates? They are so sticky I doubt they will ever dehydrate more. Any opinions? I need to get those into glass jars.

On the first day of Spring, Monday, March 20, Dairy Queen will give a free cone to each customer. Of course, this in participating locations only. I will be there to get mine.

Your turn
What is your favorite thing to dehydrate if you dehydrate? If you don't dehydrate food, what would you most like to have on hand instead of going out to buy it each time you need it? Onions and bananas fill that need for me.


  1. I think you mean that Spring arrives Monday March 20th

  2. I have dehydrated with my Nesco dehydrator. I have dehydrated strawberries, apples and onions. I was later warned to make sure I set the dehydrator outside to dehydrate onions! I loved having my own, home grown, home dehydrated onions for cooking. My dehydrator sits on a shelf in the garage, though. I find it's quicker to dehydrate on a low temperature in the oven than to use my dehydrator. Plus, the noise of the dehydrator, while not loud, is a constant annoyance. I am glad I didn't buy it. It was given to me. When my ds cleans the garage this summer, the dehydrator is getting the old heave ho!

    1. Meg B,
      The strawberries were "pokey" with all seed dried and close together. Aack, never again. The Excalibur is so quiet I check to see if it is still running. The oven takes so much more electricity. Why don't you sell it or give it away, or run it in the garage. Since I only dehydrate Vidalia onions, the smell is very sweet. Thanks.

  3. Well shoot, that explains the long line at Dairy Queen today. Wondered what they had going on!
    Don't own a dehydrator, but have always wanted one. Banana chips are a favorite of mine.

    1. Line,
      Yes, free stuff at DQ. I scooped up change for the donation they asked for.
      Banana chips from a dehydrator are hard as rocks not like the ones from the store. I have to suck on them so I won't break teeth. However, since I know 17 make a banana, I just get that many out to take with me for a snack. You need a freeze dryer at the tune of $3000 to get those nice chips from the store. At least my rock-like bananas have no oil or other stuff added.


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