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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another Free Lunch Tuesday

I really enjoyed the company at the lunch Tuesday. However, although the spaghetti smelled wonderful, it is something I should not have. I'm not sure if it was beef or tvp in the sauce. Either way, I don't need either. I did eat a bit and spent a long time in the bathroom that night. TMI? Whatever.

The slaw had way too much mayonnaise for me, so I brought it to Dominique. The chocolate cake and tiny pecan pie were wonderful. I did collect a plateful of scraps from others for her.

J went with me and enjoyed her lunch except she could see onions and bell peppers in the spaghetti. She may have taken two bites. The cabbage was cut too large for her. I don't think she even tried the slaw. I laughed. She brought most of her meal back to Dominique.

Afterward, she helped me in the kitchen with clutter, stuff and grime on counters. J came back Wednesday to finish the counters and move the dehydrator since I side-tracked her with something more important on Tuesday.  Wednesday, the main chore was moving the dehydrator since I cannot and cleaning underneath. I cleaned the outside while she cleaned the counter. The door and shelves need to be washed, still.

All the pretty glass containers were just too much. I gave her the largest, an amphora-shaped jar with a domed lid. It has no seal. The other two have glass lids with the plastic/rubber lid covers that make the lid fit like a stopper. Except the lid covers cover the bottom of the top and make the lid fit more or less airtight. Got that?

A half-gallon Ball jar of oats will stay on the counter. Dominique and I both eat those Maybe a little glass sugar bowl will stay. My terra cotta bunny stays. We will see what else. Right now, I am enjoying the blinding expanse of my lemon yellow counters that I so love.

Monday night, I put a frozen hen in the crock pot. It weighed 6 pounds! Tuesday, I removed it and cooked potatoes in the broth. So, I know what I will eat for a few days. Friday, exbf comes here. I think we will have BBQ chicken, cole slaw, and green beans. I put the broth in the refrigerator to chill so I can remove the fat. Chicken and dumplings sound scrumptious right now. I have everything I need for both those meals. Plus, I can have chicken on a salad or in a sandwich.

Your turn
Does anyone remember my lemon yellow counters from pictures? Maybe they were garish to you or just knocked your eyes out or blinded you? I love them so I don't care if you don't care for them. Do you have lots of things sitting out on your counters? It used to work for me, but not so much anymore.


  1. Everyone should let their home be a place they enjoy. I know you're in the south but a dose of bright yellow could be a mood lifter in dark of winter.

    1. When I got up to fix meals/bottles for children, I had trouble seeing and waking up. So, when I moved into a house where I could do as I pleased, I had yellow counters installed, the cheap kind. If I had a million dollars I would not have any other counter. At 6 am, it is mostly dark in the South, winter and summer. You know kids don't wait until the sun comes up!

  2. Chicken and dumplings! Thank you for giving me the idea as to what to cook for the weekend. Before the weather warms up, I should make that. Any particular recipe you follow for the dumplings?

    1. T'Pol,
      I had never made dumplings and had not had my mother's dumplings since the early 80s. I recalled the smell of what she cooked. I boiled the chicken, removed it from the broth. I used a recipe for dumplings that was flour, shortening, and water. I rolled out the dumplings thinly, cut them in strips and then crossways about four inches long. I dropped these in the broth, moving them aside so I could drop the next ones into broth instead of on top of the cooking dumpling. Then, I put the meat pulled from the carcass back into the broth with dumplings. The only spices I used were the salt and pepper put in to cook the chicken.

      I looked up a dumpling recipe that had 12 ingredients! No way. A recipe for chicken and dumplings had 8 spices. None of this is what she made, so I just thought of what I smelled in my mind. It turned out just like she made. Good luck.

      Never use just the breast as the dark meat is part of the delicious flavor. Good luck. Let me know how it turns out. Oh, some people roll canned biscuits thinly and slicing those. The flour that you roll the dumplings in sort of thickens the broth, but not a lot.

  3. I cheat with chicken and dumplings. I used to make them and roll the dough super thin when a friend taught me this trick. Cut flour tortillas into thin strips and drop them in the hot broth. Works like a charm and no real work!

    1. Anne,
      I have heard of using biscuits but not tortillas. Good deal. thanks.

  4. The counters here (beige) continually collect items no matter how fast I whisk them away. My goal to have clutter-free counters is futile.

  5. Oh! you inspired a blog entry! thank you!


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