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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Night Progress

When I awoke this Wednesday  morning, I had slept more than usual and felt a bit better. I think it is because I slept and finally got enough cover on the bed to stay warm. And, the OTCs helped.

The chicken is ready to come out of the crockpot and the Jello is sitting in the refrigerator. At the right time, fruit cocktail, red Delicious Apple, and bananas will go in the big bowl. A little bowl is for exbf and without banana.

I am itching, so I must have gotten whole wheat in the dressing! argh, I hate this.

The list and progress below. This list was a great aid to my memory. Later, I will copy it and put on the refrigerator so I won't forget something in the morning.

So far, I have ready for Thanksgiving:

** things finished

**sweet potatoes
**apple pie

Plans for other food I need to make/cook:
**chicken instead of turkey (Wed)
**cranberry sauce (canned)
**boiled eggs to go into gravy (chopped now)
** deviled eggs
pumpkin pies (not happening)
**Jello fruit salad
**green beans in bowl to heat in microwave
mashed potatoes (nope)


This Thanksgiving is controlled by my energy and now this cold or whatever coming on.

Right now, it's A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for me. My son is probably watching this, too, since Snoopy is his favorite character.

Your turn
Did you watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? How many times have you left something you prepared in the refrigerator or not served? What was it?


  1. After forgetting a relish plate one year I made a list. Also, using a hint from a Heloise column I got out all the serving dishes, placed them empty on the table, that I set the night before, and put a label in them for what item each was for. Less hassle at the last minute.

    We have never heard of eggs in the gravy before. Is this a family thing or a Southern thing?

    Happy Thanksgiving from Tom and Bellen

  2. Tom and Bellen,
    That is a good idea about putting out the serving dishes and putting a label in them. One reason I hate help in the kitchen is because they are usually less than helpful if they just try to help without instruction. If someone just goes ahead and uses serving dishes or bowls, I usually end up with the wrong food in the wrong bowl. Yes, I know that sounds silly, but I have ended up with a small amount of food in a large dish and then food that demands that dish left to go into a smaller dish!

    Diced, boiled eggs in giblet gravy is a Southern thing, I suppose. The giblets are diced organs from the turkey. And "giblet" has a 'g' pronounced like "gin." Exbf does not like eggs in his gravy, so I will dip some out for him before I add the eggs.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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