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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Deals This Week and Brown Gunk

Since I love cheese and had run out of some bought on sale several weeks ago, I was happy to see that I could buy Kraft for $1.69. Four 8 oz. chunks of Medium Cheddar and four 8 oz.bags of Five Blend Italian. Price matched at WM.

Milk was $1.99/gallon. Price-matched from Aldi.

Cascadian Farms Granola, a cereal, was marked down from $3.69 to $2. I bought four and should not have. This is good eaten as cereal or out of hands three or five times a day. This was marked down at Publix.

Cantaloupe for exbf was $1. Price-matched at WM.

Kraft Parmesan Cheese in the green shaker canister was $2.79 instead of $3.89. Price-matched at WM. Since I don't have freezer room, I only bought one. There is still one on the shelf and two opened ones in the refrigerator. When I was too ill to find the open one in the refrigerator, one from the cupboard was started. I will eat it before long, especially if I eat spaghetti.

Pet milk, one can for $0.88 instead of $1.28. Price-matched at WM. I bought four at the same price last week or the week before, so I have enough for my projected needs for the year.

Today is Wednesday, so another ad is out. Well, it is early in the AM, but when the mail runs, I will have ads for about 6 more grocery stores.  Red, green, and purple grapes are all $1.88/lb. I won't buy many but this is a better price than $3.98/lb., as they will be later on.

There are 18 varieties of apples for $0.88/lb. at Sprouts. I need to get many apples price-matched once again at WM.

The blasted turkey from last spring is in the freezer, hogging room. It needs to come out so I can cook it. I fear there will be an avalanche. In the past exbf has held back the rockslide while I pulled things out. A pound of frozen sausage really hurts my toes! Since I am not as agile as I once was, it is hard to jump out of the way. It depends on when he comes next week as to whether he will participate. I could put several boneless turkey breasts in the space the turkey occupies.

Since I have over-frozen several cans of Cokes, the inside of the freezer looks filthy. It grosses me out, and I know what the brown stuff is! It continually falls onto the floor when I remove food and then I must get the brown ice from the floor. If it escapes me, then I have a brown puddle or dried stain, depending on when I find it.

This evening I am feeling a bit better. Of course, I am fighting the lung/throat/head/ears thing. The uti may have subsided, but I still have meds to take for that to knock it out completely. brown Gunk

Your turn
What deals are at your grocery or market? Have you ever had a Coke spew all over the freezer and then frozen back all over everything as brown gunk?


  1. TheHub regularly puts a root beer in the freezer to get it really cold and about 1 time a month he forgets to take it out. I am the one who get to clean that crap out.

    1. Anne,
      At least it is my mess I have to clean up! It's too bad I don't have someone to clean it up for me.

  2. Going to drop son off at the airport and then stop at Winn Dixie and pick up 2 turkeys (59 cents a pound-limit 2). I think I'll thaw one and cook it as soon as it's ready- probably Friday or Saturday. I'm trying to not despair abot the election so I'm thinking about taking the day off and getting my Christmas stuff out! It's early but I've had my birthday and I'm not going to be here Thanksgiving so hey, why not? Yep, I've frozen sodas too and made a mess but I rarely drink a diet Coke these days. Glad you are feeling better.

    1. NAN,
      I will check our Winn-Dixie ads online. Maybe I can get a couple at that price. Thanks. I had a good cry. Happy Birthday Late! I rarely put a Coke in the freezer since all I do is make a mess. Thanks. I need otc meds right now.

    2. NAN,
      I checked and turkeys are $0.59/lb in the nearest Winn-Dixie 32 miles from me...I see another WM price-match! Thanks.

  3. You are so lucky your WM price matches - our stopped doing it about a year ago. It seems that it's a manager's choice.

    1. Tom,
      I heard that after Christmas, ours will stop, also. I need to tend to that to see it does not stop. I won't be able to eat as well as I can now. Maybe I should ask for gift cards to Walmart from Santa.


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