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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fifth Load

When my dishwasher was installed, my back was hurting too bad to do anything but go to bed. Well, I did dip potato and chicken from the crockpot, heat carrots and serve it to exbf. Well, I told you about my effort for his dinner. I don't think I even gave him anything to drink. Poor guy. He is sometimes so tolerant. ...other than trying to get me run down by the vehicle behind,

I went to bed, watched tv, slept and did little for 24 hours. However, I have been busy since then. Just now, I put the fifth load of dishes in the dishwasher. This load is the load still in the dishwasher when they came to replace it for me. I load things where bowls are sort of leaning on the edges/backs of other bowls. Not now. These are dirty and dried, so everything is loaded lightly. I think there will be two more loads. Out of the last four loads, only about six pieces need rewashing and by hand.

A few minutes ago, I had a fright. I thought the dishwasher had quit working. It has a neat feature. It remembers the last settings so that I only have to press wash/resume. Every time I pressed wash/resume, the light came on and then went off. Possibly, I was not holding my mouth right? I don't think I could go through getting this one out and another one in place.

In the meantime, my kitchen is reappearing from the stacks of dishes.

It's only 9 pm, so I may make an apple pie to refrigerate until Thanksgiving. I have to pace myself! I may just get this load out and put another in the dishwasher.

Your turn
Have you started cooking yet? Do you have to pace yourself?

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