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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Not Wasting Okra

As you may remember, I entered dehydrated okra and tomato in the fair last year. Since there is no way I will eat okra in any form, it sits, still. I have asked around and it appears no one wants it. Several months ago, I thought I would ask exbf if he wanted it to eat as a snack.

Second Man from Two Men and a Little Farm wrote about baking halved okra and First Man's liking it. So, I remembered to mention it to exbf. Mine was sliced for frying.

Supposing it might be hard as a rock and not something anyone would want to crunch, I tried it first. Don't think for a moment I ate it. One piece crunched between my teeth once and I gagged it out into a napkin I had at the ready. The okra readily crunched into pieces.

I put it on the sofa next to the chair he sits in and left it for two weeks, forgetting to ask him. Finally, I asked him over the phone. He said, "Oh, in the pint jar on the sofa?" I wonder he did not ask me why it was there. Oh well.

When he came last Friday, I reminded him to try it. He popped one piece into his mouth and commented immediately that it was good and yes he would eat it. He said, "It tastes just like fried okra without the coating." I asked him if it needed a sprinkle of spices or anything on it. He said it was fine like it was.

Bonus: It is not fried. I scored twice with his acceptance: 1) Food is not wasted. 2) This is a good snack for him since I always find something snack-y for him.

Well, if feeding it to him failed, I was going to toss a piece to Dominique and see if she would consume it.

Sunday, I awoke more ill than ever, but this time it was my throat, chest, and head. But, I am still taking meds for uti. Voting will be a struggle, but I will vote.

Remember to vote on Tuesday!

UPDATE: I voted and was in the car by 7:06. I was second in line.

Your turn
Have you ever had dehydrated okra? Seasoned or plain? Did you like it? Do you have someone who, like exbf, will just try any food you present? Well, I never would try to get him to eat banana or eggs!


  1. Will not eat bananas or eggs but likes okra? Now that is funny. The only okra I have had was in canned chicken gumbo soup. Strange texture. I would not be inclined to cook it.

    1. carol,
      I know! I have said similar things to him. A whiff or glimpse of okra sends me running.


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