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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Things I Did Buy Today

Of course, KMart is on my radar lately since they are closing our store.

I found two pair of the pants I like for only $4, marked down 60% from 9,98. 

Black leggings were unmarked and no one knew the price and acted as though that were the end of it, like I would leave without them. I told them I thought they should be about $2 for me to buy them, so they sold them for $2.

Vaseline and Vicks were marked down enough for me to consider them a deal. I am not going to look for the receipt. Just take my word for it.

All in all, it turned out well on deals. Next Thursday, there will be another markdown. I am looking for tshirts or tops to wear around the house under a sweatshirt. I have three tshirts
 at this point that are beyond wearing for good, so I would like three more but at a greatly reduced cost.

Your turn
What deals did you find this weekend?


  1. Best deal ever - no shopping :)

    1. Tom,
      Well, at some point shopping is necessary.

  2. We found a thrift store in a nearby town that was run by homeless people for the benefit of homeless people. Everything was one dollar. We spent ten dollars on a lot of miscellaneous stuff. But more important they were collecting things that homeless would need. Somewhere my husband picked up a huge lot of hotel soaps and hand sanitizer. Perfect. We also took some blankets and other things. It felt good to get rid of these things to someone who needs them.

    1. carol,
      That sounds like wonderful thrift store for you and the homeless. I gave a bunch of the hotel soaps and shampoos to a food bank. Plus, I seem to collect condiments from fast food. I took those to the same food bank. I can only use so much.

  3. Dear me
    Without my glasses I saw this as Things I buried today.
    I had a bit of a flipflop

  4. Ur-spo,
    I do that all the time and am quite shocked momentarily.


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