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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Yard Sales

This yard sale was in a poor part of town and unadvertised. I'm not sure why I stopped. But, it turned out well. Everything I picked up, I bought. Nothing was priced! He priced it as I asked.

$2 items:
*A set of white, 100% cotton king-sized sheets with embroidery on pillow cases and top sheet. If If  never have another king-sized bed, these can be cut down, even the fitted sheet.
*Colander new with stickers still on, porcelain over steel, the pedestal and bowl are one piece, not welded. I wonder what this costs and what it would bring on eBay. ???
*Green colander, looks old, but has stickers still on
* pair of size 12 Rockport men's shoes for someone who needs shoes.
* two journal type books
* king-sized top sheet 100% with pink flowers, "Vintage Victorian" on the label. I would love to have this on a bed, but making aprons would work, too.

$1 item:
picture frame with labels, new

The king sheets in the plastic bag they came in and both the colanders will probably be sold. That was my Saturday.

We have had 55 days without rain! Yard sales abound this late!

Your turn
What is your latest yard sale haul? Or any yard sale haul? How did your Saturday go?


  1. Ooo~ I love yard sales! I rarely attend them due to being surrounded by apartment complexes and not often carrying cash, but more than once I've found treasures at yard sales. One of my favorite memories was I found a beautiful old clock being sold for a dollar because it was broken, didn't tick, and you couldn't see through the clock face. Took it home and fixed it up and has lasted me for twenty years now. haha

    1. Robert,
      Great find and cheap! I have found that the dirtiest things, besides costing little, have been some of my best finds. Thanks.

  2. I very much want a yard sale where I push just about everything out the door into the driveway and someone buy it all.

  3. Ur-spo,
    May I venture to guess you are not the ideal yard sale person? Your vision would be a dream come true!

    1. I have had only one, I think it went OK but I am certain my tyro sale could be improved.


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