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Friday, November 25, 2016

Price of Cranberries?

While I usually buy fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce in addition to opening a can of Ocean Spray, this year the cost was too exorbitant to buy fresh cranberries.

Last year, I dehydrated cranberries and stored in canning jars for this year if they were not eaten before. Well, I could not find them in a cabinet after a cursory search at the last minute. I only had the can of Ocean Spray.

I could not find fresh cranberries on sale anywhere.  There was nothing to price match. I really thought that $4.98 for two 12-ounce packages was out of line. All other ingredients for a proper Thanksgiving meal were reduced one place or another.

Fresh cranberries will be on sale somewhere, but "where and when?" I wonder.  The ones out now will not be fit for sale at Christmas, so maybe this next week will be the time they are on sale. Maybe today.

Corrected to correct price  saw--$4.98.

Your turn
Did you find the price of fresh cranberries to be too high?


  1. Linda I thought I saw them at aldi for less than one dollar. We had applesauce instead. Since I heard they dont help prevent UTIs I dont bother.

    1. carol,
      I looked at their ad, but did not see them at that price. I like cranberries for 30 years before I heard they helped with uti. So, I did not eat them for Thanksgiving for he uti benefit. I'm not abandoning them because I really want them. I have also heard they DO help with uti. Maybe the drug makers want us to abandon cranberries for drugs? I will keep looking at Aldi's for a good price. Thanks.

  2. $2-$2.50 for Ocen spray fresh is a common sale around here. I bought a different brand at Aldi's for 99/bag.

    1. CTMom,
      I corrected the price. It was $4.98! Too high. Thanks.

    2. CTMom.
      I checked the Aldi ad, no such sale on cranberries.

  3. Linda I thought aldi was consistent across the country. But we had no .99 milk and you have no .99 cranberries. Curious.

  4. dunno. never bought any.
    I suppose it is one of those things that one has to have regardless of the price?


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