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Thursday, November 17, 2016

This and That and Sales

*Dominique won't eat oats. Consequently, she looks like she is shrinking. She is not ill looking or acting, just not eating her oats but everything else. Maybe a drink made of honey, acv, and garlic in water will wake up her appetite. I can hope.

*My last eye exam and measuring for glasses was yesterday. My right eye has almost perfect vision, just astigmatism. The left eye needs more correction for close vision. Far vision is perfect in both eyes. I could read the smallest line!

*Apples--$0.69/lb., price-matched from Sprouts. I have 10 lbs.

*The high will be 80 degrees today. Whaaaat? I cannot get my clothes right for the day or evening. Even taking a sweater on and off is not working to keep me from smothering. Doctor's offices are stifling.

*The car ac quit again. I am still using ac as the car gets hot just sitting in the yard. Plus, it is warm enough to use it! Saturday, I will need the heater.

*Have not used dryer in three months! The wash not hung outdoors is hung inside.

*Another free lunch or three is coming up this next week. I know I will go to one, but the other two are iffy as to my attendance.

*I picked up 20 Christmas Child boxes to fill by next Friday.

*Bought exbf a Batman t-shirt with cape attached by Velcro. It cost $1.08.

*The smoky haze from the Appalachian forest fires has drifted to the east of me. That was weird to go out and see so much haze.

*Since I finally feel well enough to use the curling iron, my self-haircut is receiving rave reviews.

*A hen will go into the crockpot tonight. In the morning, I will add four red potatoes, onion, and celery. Exbf will get all but the breast.

Your turn
Have you found the $0.98 gallon milk? What's going on at your place?


  1. Not much going on here but paperwork- my boss gave me 3 extra things to do before Monday AM (she just got the word herself) so looks like I'll be having a not fun weekend LOL. I buy the 1/2 gallon container of organic milk at Aldi's- it costs more but lasts me 2 weeks and I don't use much milk. Basically I splash my coffee and oatmeal unless I need it for a recipe. I did bake some cranberry white chocolate cookies for grandson yesterday- it was teacher appreciation day at school. DD wanted him to donate- she's on the PTA. He's in HS and as DD (former reading teacher) says, those teachers never get anything (but grief). Of course, who did the baking? HAHA.

    1. Gee, that's rough. I drink a gallon a week. If I need milk for cooking, I usually use Pet milk. Cranberry white chocolate cookies sound decadent.

      When my son entered 7th grade, at Christmas he asked me to bake a loaf of pumpkin bread for his teachers. He had SEVEN. I agreed. Daughter had two or three in elementary school and kindergarten teachers made two more for the youngest.

      HS teachers do get grief!

      I set my alarm early and made four large pumpkin breads and helped him get them into school. I might have put them in a box or had him come back out for a second trip. Somehow we did it. Then, I rushed back home to make four more, taking three to him. I made another six (three bakings) and took the girls' teacher gifts to school. Every teacher got a hot pumpkin bread. I got lots of thanks and compliments that Christmas. I just wanted to make my children happy.

  2. You sound quite well in your industry.
    What is going on here is tidy-up.

    1. Urspo,
      I try hard. I have done a bit of tidying up, not much.


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