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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Small Economy and Oven Door

While I have plenty of 60 watt incandescent  light bulbs/lamps, I have needed two appliance bulbs for a while. The oven bulb blew earlier this year. Then, the vent hood bulb went.

When I shopped for the oven bulb, I was told by a guy at Lowe's to bring in the bulb to ascertain the correct appliance bulb. It seems that an appliance bulb is an appliance bulb. I went back and just bought a 40-watt bulb, two in a package.
I tried using a 60-watt bulb for the vent hood, but the bulb cover would not go back on. Besides, I am not sure if the vent hood is rated for 40-watt only. If a regular base bulb fits the oven, I am gold.

While I was there, he picked up a bulb in an opened package. He said I could have it for $1 even though the regular price was $4.94. It seems is was returned because it was "warm white" instead of "daylight."

It's Sylvania Ultra LED replacement, 6.5 W, 22+life. Even though the bulb/lamp is dimmable, according to the box it may not be compatible with all dimmers. Lovely.

Yes, it is a small economy, but $3.94 savings works for me, amortized over 22 for me. I won't be purchasing $5 light bulbs any time soon. So, SCORE.

In my house I have LED, curly bulbs, and the incandescent ones. I will never switch completely from incandescent because it is the only one that does not hurt my eyes.

By the way, when did they start making ovens with doors that could not be removed? I almost killed myself trying to get the door off the stove to change the bulb. Taking the door off makes cleaning the oven and changing a bulb or replacing an element soooo much easier. I will never use the self-cleaning feature for the oven.

Your turn
Do you buy the LED bulbs? What kind do you use? Do you miss removable oven doors?


  1. When they first decided to get rid of our light bulbs we stocked up on them, should have a life time supply.

    1. Mac n' Janet,
      Same here! Yay for us. At the same time, I never turn down a free bulb, cfl or led. I think the power board gave out free CFLS and exbf gave me his extras. ??? I put extras on the shelf for later. And, yes, some of the cfl have quit working! I have lights that are never turned off, so this led will be put in that socket.

  2. I love small economies! It all adds up.

    Yes, we have some of every lightbulb (even halogen), as you described. As they burn out, we are replacing them with LEDs. I prefer the light over compact fluorescents, and also with children in the house, bulbs inevitably get broken and compact fluorescents are pretty hazardous when broken and have to be cleaned up carefully.
    I read recently that CFLs are going to be phased out in the near future, and only LEDs will be available. I think that's a good change for the environment!

    1. Fluorescent bulbs of any kind are disturbing. Thankfully, I have not broken one thus far. But, I don't have children in the house. Agreed, LEDs are so much better for the environment. My stocked bulbs will work for me where I read and live. But, I am willing to go with LEDs.

      It is all about small economies at my house!

  3. Linda I have been cooking for fifty years and have never removed my oven door. What wizardry is this?

    1. carol,
      Maybe you never knew it, but you can just pull the door and it slides off a portion of the hinge. My last stove and others before it were made this way. Wizardy? LOL You think I might have just been ripping off oven doors...oh, I am laughing until tears come. Thanks for letting me know that this is not common knowledge.

  4. I never used LED bulbs until I bought this house in Tennessee two years ago. The previous owners left all the LED bulbs. I appreciate their durability, but I hate the way they look.

    1. Jon,
      Just be glad they did not leave the curly CFLs. I would have to put incandescent bulb in a few places near where I sat or read.


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