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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I need a recipe: UPDATE

I want to use two one-pound packages of dried dates to make date balls. Even though I have eaten date balls before, I have no recipe. I found recipes on all recipes but all require cooking then rolling. Is there a recipe that does not need to be cooked at all, either in pot or oven?

PLEASE don't direct me to the internet or a page of links.  Have you ever made date balls that just require mixing and making balls? I cannot find the recipe I know for sure is out there.

UPDATE: I went back and looked at the ingredients on the date balls. The almond date balls had date and almonds as the ingredients. The coconut date balls had coconut and dates. So, it seems two ground ingredients and rolled in either coconut or almonds is the recipe. Anne got it right below. But, I will still appreciate any other suggestions. By the way, 40 date balls, 4 varieties were $8.88. I can do better than that.

Correction above: I have two one-pound packages of dried dates--32 ounces.


Your turn


  1. I made them long ago that were just dried dates mixed with soaked dried apricots which were ground and mixed with ground pecans and lemon zest, then rolled in confectioners sugar. I have no idea what the proportions were though.

    1. Anne,
      Thanks! Look at the update. I have dried apricots, too. I would not have to buy anything. I knew it was possible.

  2. No, I have only used dates in fruitcake. My family likes fruitcake but I use a lot of dried fruits, pecans, walnuts, butter and not a lot of flour plus brandy LOL. This year I'm going to try baking something new- Biscotti. I like them with coffee but have never baked any from scratch. Do you have a favorite holiday recipe? I guess mine is thumbprint cookies.

    1. NAN,
      I've always wanted to try making fruitcake that is better than the commercial ones, without that awful sweetened fruit. Not a lot of flour works for me right now.

      I love making biscotti and formulated a recipe that was as calorie-free as was possible. Someone "helped" me by throwing out the scrap of paper it was written on. So, I might start all over. Biscotti is baked until it is concrete, but I found out that it is traditionally baked once or twice-baked. I don't drink coffee, so once-baked suits me.

      Actually, I had six recipes and mourn their loss.

      My favorite holiday recipe is chocolate pound cake and pumpkin pie.

      Will you email me, please? I tried to email you. Thanks.

    2. OK I'll send it or print it here later. It makes a lot so you might want to half the recipe!

  3. Here's a recipe I have used, sorry I don't have weights:
    1 cup dates pitted and soaked - you want them soft - drain off water if soaked
    1 cup raw almonds
    Optional: 2 Tbsp coconut oil
    Optional: 2 Tbsp cocoa powder - not optional for me
    pinch of salt
    Run thru grinder or pulse in food processor to be as smooth as you want - I like using the grinder as I don't want paste
    Form into bite sized balls rolling in your hands - a little oil on your hand makes them stick less
    Roll in the coconut or finely ground almonds or cocoa powder
    Store in airtight container with wax paper between layers

    Hope this helps
    Bellen, Tom's wife

    1. Bellen,
      Thanks! I had decided on a recipe in my head but your recipe gives me hope for a good outcome and confidence. No, chocolate is not optional for me, A pinch of salt is a good idea. Between your recipe and my not-tested recipe, I should have something tasty. Thanks. Maybe I can roll in coconut?

  4. Linda - I prefer rolling in finely shredded coconut or ground almonds because I think when rolling in cocoa powder it gets absorbed. I wonder if rolling in finely ground/crushed vanilla wafers or Oreos would work or also be absorbed. OK now I want some but due to my diabetes I can't handle dates. Let us know how yours turn out and please provide the recipe.

  5. I make stuffed dates instead of date balls. Just
    stuff peanut butter or cream cheese in the slot left by the pit being taken out, then roll them in conf. sugar. Crunchy p. butter is so good in them!

    1. J,
      I have put cream cheese in them and put a pecan half inside. Peanut butter might be good! I have never rolled them in comfectioner's sugar. Using crunchy pb would eliminate the need for the pecan. Thanks!


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