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Monday, November 14, 2016

I Hit the Wall!

For the last few days I have felt well and ambitious. Finally, today I had a list of things to do outside the house. Things were going well. When I walked, I was not wobbly. I felt like my communication skills were top notch. Some days, I have had a wobbly walk and words did not come.

Last night, I had three sleep sessions, interrupted by hours of wake and accomplishments. This morning I took from the crockpot a whole bowl of carrots and potatoes, two pounds of each. I was zipping around, making plans, making two lists.

Someone gave me 16 newspaper inserts of coupons. During one of my wake sessions, I clipped coupons and put a bag outdoors on the chair in front of the house. I had called my friend yesterday afternoon to come get coupons today.

Dominique was glad to see me with seeds from the bell peppers, carrot scraps, and chicken. I fed her much earlier than usual because I really felt well.

I got together broken Tupperware, my sewing scissors, lists, coupons, and a bottle of water. I took the Tupperware to a dealer who can get replacements for me. My sewing store guy sharpened my scissors. I bought groceries at WM and price-matched.

For only the third time I went into Aldi's and could not figure out how to get my cart quarter back. I was in there for only a short time. I carried my two items out in my hand and put them in a bag in the car. A bag costs a dime in Aldi and you bag your own groceries. That's okay.

Finally, I went to a third store. The cashier could not figure out what to do with a $4 coupon on a $3.68 package of freezer bags. All of a sudden I had no energy to deal with anything, I just needed to go and asked her repeatedly to just give me the coupon. She refused by ignoring and screaming for help. I was failing fast, so after asking her at least 8 times for my coupon and her refusing to do so, I just got the coupon by a long reach and left.

From that point on, I felt awful, tired, disconnected. It was all I could do to get into the house and put things away. My arms are still so heavy. I have been lying here for a little over an hour. I feel a nap coming on. Hopefully, this passes soon. There are things to do tonight. This whole week I have something to do, appointments, company, just more than I can think about.

Hopefully, this feeling will pass with a nap. This morning I was more energetic than I have been in a year. Right now a nap is overtaking me.

Your turn
Do you ever hit the wall? Do you have to give up and rest?


  1. Sounds to me like low blood sugar.. that is usually the reason I feel similar. Not as bad but I do carry those starlight mints with me. Sure hope you get back in the groovem that's a bummer when you are starting to get things done.

    1. carol,
      Low blood sugar could have only been a tiny part. I was devastated because I WAS getting things done. It is after 3 am and I have slept since I posted at 4pm. The trouble with this exhaustion is that it will take me days to get back to semi-normal.

  2. I do feel that way sometimes. It's the worst. Here's hoping that you are able to get some rest & feel better. I find that, for me, pacing myself (ha ha, I'm actually horrible at applying this) is the most helpful trick to not crashing.

    1. Hawaii,
      You are oh so right. I know to pace myself, but things were going so well and I was accomplishing things I have needed to do forever around the house and out and about. You are so right about me, too. I must apply the pacing bit!

  3. Often.
    And generally because I have been over ambitious.
    Pacing myself is a trick I haven't mastered. At all.

    1. EC,
      Today, I will be forced to pace myself. I hate that being ambitious and getting it done is not an option anymore. We need to practice pacing. To others it seems like laziness.

  4. I hit a wall occasionally, but it is because I am a confirmed night owl, yet I wake between 6-7 every morning. I never really get enough sleep and it is no one's fault but my own.

    1. Anne,
      I am a confirmed night owl, also. I have to force myself back into bed when I awake early. I have slept for 11 hours and still feel tired because of fibromyalgia. When I was younger, I took a nap about every two weeks due to hitting the wall. However, a nap cured my problem. My skin hurts now! Can you take a nap?


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