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Monday, November 21, 2016

If I Disappear

The power port on my computer is failing, getting more loose every day. I certainly cannot afford a repair at all. Another Dell failed in the same manner.

I took it to a store and the young man said he would fix it at home for me. I will only have to pay for the part. The store does not repair computers, so he is not cheating anyone. Whew! I am so lucky. He is the young man to whom I gave a bunch of electronics and cords. He carried them and three dozen fruit jars to the storage unit. Come Hell or High Water, I will bake an apple pie tonight. Maybe I will boil the eggs for gravy.

The fifth load of dishes remains in the dishwasher. UGH Must remove them and load it again.

Canning jars, half-pint, are clean and waiting on me. I have put 16 oz. of dates in one jar. Three more bags of the same size await. Plus, another pint has walnuts--16 oz. . And, two more bags of walnuts need to be jarred. I wish these were pecans.  I was surprised that 16 ounces in weight fit in 16 liquid ounces container.

It is so cold in here that baking will be a good idea!

Today, I delivered four Christmas Child boxes. I have more boxes, but my friend did not get out the supplies for them. Oh well.

I tried to clean up after the installation of the dishwasher. There is still all sorts of stuff on the floor. I cannot sweep. I cannot hold the dustpan. Maybe my friend will do that for me. Then, I went into the yard and it looks like a tornado hit. The guy did what I asked and put the dishwasher in. I did not expect him to tidy up.  So, it will all be gotten up by Thanksgiving. Of that I am sure.

The computer is charging now, so all is well on that front for today.

Update: Friday night about 9:30 the pie came out of the oven. Then, I put the leftover cut apples into a tiny casserole with all the pie goodness over them for a snack tonight. Onion and celery have been rehydrated.

Your turn
What will you bake first? Do you wait until Thanksgiving day to cook everything?


  1. I will bake the cream puffs Wednesday and make the pastry cream filling, but will not fill them until right before mealtime. Everything else will be prepped the night before but not actually cooked until Thanksgiving am. I have already had a request for early peanut butter fudge and early pralines. I might so those tomorrow!

    1. Anne,
      MMMM, cream puffs. I had to force myself to have the energy to bake the apple pie which is about to come out of the oven.

      Early treats are important so the holiday lasts longer.

  2. You take care of yourself! Sounds like you are in a cooking and baking frenzy, yay! It's that time of year, ha. 2nd Man does most of the cooking but I help.

    Stay warm!

    1. 1st Man,
      Around here and for me, that one pie was an absolutely frenzy. I need a sous chef. Exbf is very good at slicing and dicing. It is below freezing here at night and no heat. Brrr!

  3. I don't bake anymore but when I did I'd make pie crusts the first week of Nov and freeze them. Baked pies the day before Thanksgiving. Stuffing was put together, all the dry stuff, the 2nd week of Nov and frozen and finished off on Thanksgiving outside the turkey. Other sides like potatoes, green beans, corn were done on Thanksgiving and of course the turkey that day too. Our dinner was simple but lots of it. We ate around 1pm and then snacked on it till about 9pm - than rolled off to bed! Enough leftovers/plannedovers for about 4 more lunches and 4 more dinners in various forms of sandwiches, soups, casseroles.

    Glad your dishwasher is working well. I don't have enough dishes to last more than 4 days, nor pots and pans. I simplified about 5 years ago to 4 of each dishes, mugs, silverware and about 4 pans, 3 skillets. Now I must wash dishes at least every other day. I can stand, hubby often uses a stool. Bellen, Tom's wife

    1. Bellen,This the earliest I have cooked/baked. I cannot do it all on Wed and Thursday. I do have to snap up Pet-Ritz pie shells Simple is how I like Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving potlucks are the worst because everyone thinks they have to have a new twist on every dish brought. Give it to me simple.

      I do have more dishes than you. I bought plastic cups, paper bowls, and plates. I was managing to sort of keep up until the three month itu. I have eaten from a mixing bowl, small one!

      When I addressed your last response to Tom, I knew it was you who wrote, but after I posted my comment, it was too late.

    2. Linda - mixing bowl? I've used a measuring cup to eat out of - portion control to the extreme!! Bellen

    3. Bellen
      In all fairness to myself. I ate a salad out of a large mixing bowl and cereal out of the small one...So, I did not eat the cake batter. Yes, I have used a measuring cup, the two cup one for oats. So, you see how ill I was.

  4. When I cooked Thanksgiving dinner I would start three days before. I loved the planning. Dessert first and bread. Then mashed potatoes gravy and other sides the day before. Turkey on the day and some kind of dip and crackers for those who had to wait. Also Lijda I have never gone to someone's house that they did not pack up leftovers for me. Is this not done in the South?

    1. carol,
      For so many years I went to Birmingham and everyone brought a dish. Many things were finished off or the owner wanted it. I always got a piece of pie and turkey. Most of the dressing was nasty, the cranberries had been polluted by orange and nuts, the sweet potatoes had marshmallows on top, etc. They were mostly gone and when they weren't gone, I did not want them. Some people left with their dish of food before anyone had a chance to claim it.

      Once, I asked for the ham bone and was told yes by the wife. Later, I saw a very happy man leaving with the ham bone. I told him it was mine. Husband said he gave it to him. Sooo, dilemma. The guy looked so sad and offered me the ham bone. I would have remembered that sad face forever. So, I cheerfully relented.

      Yes, it is done in the South.

  5. glad for you dishwasher .
    home backing is always a pleasure .
    best wishes for thanksgiving day dear

    1. baili,
      I think I am in love with my dishwasher! I do love to bake and will make pumpkin pie today. Thank you!


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