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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update: A Fundraiser for a Fellow Blogger

my cheerful kitchen picture with flowers
I got from the dumpster

A fellow blogger's husband died suddenly of an aneurysm, leaving her and children with bills. Slugmama has started a fundraiser to help the family.

Sluggy has met the goal and is not accepting any donations at this time. But, I am leaving my picture up with this post that is no longer

So, how do you like my bright yellow counters? I hear this type counter is making a comeback. If you think the counter is bright, you are right. This was on purpose--to wake me in the morning. It works.


  1. My countertop used to be bright yellow. We changed it out.
    My condolences to your fellow blogger. That is so sad....

  2. What did you put in the place of yellow? I don't really know here that well, but sluggy does. Thanks. Yes, very sad.

  3. Are you trying to grow a pineapple? Or is that just a decoration.

    And flowers from the dumpster? What the hell are you doing in a dumpster?

    1. I was trying to grow a pineapple. But, I failed.

      You don't know? I went dumpster diving at least three nights each week. I never climbed into the dumpster because there were huge doors on each side where I could just reach in. I scored $50 to $175 worth of edible food--meats, fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, pastries, and bread. I also got flowers, greeting card envelopes, clothing--from one dumpster. Another had a hundred balloons. Then, there was the rack of chips all poured into a box. None were touching anything else and all the gourmet chips in the expensive packages had gone out of date that day. ahhh, fun times.

      It has been about two years since I went due to not wanting to fall between the dumpsters and have to be hauled However, this picture called to me when I was searching for a recent photo I took in the kitchen.

    2. That was $50 to $175 worth of food each WEEK.

    3. No. I did not know. I feel so bad for NOT knowing! And the trick to growing pineapple is to cut away all the pineapple until you uncover the ryzones. They are those little woody "eyes" inside the core. Then you have to let the whole thing remain dry for two days, then plant in potting soil. Even then, it might not make it, but if it does, you'll have your own pineapple in about a year hanging off the mother plant.

    4. Lotta,
      I have read how, but doing it in a timely manner is the trick. Plus, this was my first. My goal is to have them growing so that I have a pineapple a month. Maybe when I am 90, the logistics will all work out!


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