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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Old Tools

Old tools, good tools, favorite tools

I bought the shovel in 1975 for my children. It was very expensive. I bought a short one because my son was six and my daughter was four. A long shovel in the hands of small children who have never handled a real shovel just seemed foolish. Besides, they often mishandled their toy shovels and rakes. I carry the shovel in the trunk of my car along with plastic bags, ready to dig up anything I come upon that is fair game. A good friend said I reminded her of her Aunt Doris who carried a shovel and plastic bags all the time. .
The garden fork cost $1 at a yard sale. It comes in handy for stirring up the dirt when I cannot dig with a shovel. I can just lean and twist best I can. I think it would be a good

Nowadays, I have to have tools that are easily handled and light. These do not fit that description, so I just struggle to use them. I have never gotten rid of a tool that was usable for something "better."

These are just a few of my tools. Most are from yard sales; many are from estate sales. I suppose no one in the family wants them.

Your turn
Do you have favorite tool? Old tools? Good Tools? Do you ever buy tools at yard sales? What is your best old tool buy?


  1. hey! thought I better check on you and see if you are ok. the rat

    1. Rat, okay here! Thanks. I will be glad when you are posting again.

  2. I've inherited my fathers tools. He was a master class carpenter and built more houses than I can count. Problem is, all his tools lie dormant in the garage as I don't know how to use them without losing a limb.

    The garden tools have at least been put to good use. My favorite is a shovel which dates back to the late 1960's .... the days when tools were built to last. It still has the original handle if you can believe that !

    1. Helga,
      Losing a limb does not sound like a good plan. All my Daddy's old tools were taken by my greedy sister. The shovel is a good tool, bought new, and has never seemed like it would be falling apart any time soon. of course, in the last 35 years it has not spent a handful of days outdoors. So, it has the original handle, too. That makes me feel good, and I suspect I makes you happy, too.

  3. Old tools feel better in my hands. And I get very, very upset when someone (not mentioning any names or pointing many fingers) misplaces them.
    I have a wooden spoon in my kitchen. It looks dilapidated - and feels right. I don't use any other others I have been given.
    And my little digger is perfect in the garden. My garden fork is missing a tine - but it the right weight and I continue to use it. And will continue to use it.

    1. EC.
      You are absolutely right. The new tools--kitchen and garden--are not made of material that is comfortable. Plus, some of the handles are smaller. Even my small hands like a substantial handle. Plus, some of the handles have edges on the handle that are too square for comfort.

      Don't you hate it when someone suggests you need something new just because an old tool is a bit broken or out of date. I get that lots.


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