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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Greenhouse from Recycled Materials

How cute!

The little greenhouse is very well-made of recycled windows. Yes, the cost is $300. It is about shoulder high, maybe taller. I suppose the height is dependent on the height of the windows.

The roof seems to be made of metal house roofing. It must have a door somewhere. I was in a hurry to finish before a dog bit me. No, I did not see one or hear one, but you never can tell. This was on the same trip where I found the cheap gas.

Now, I want one of these. Of course, I won't be purchasing one. Not only can I not afford it, it just goes against my grain to pay that much for it even though it is worth it. My best hope is to find free materials and to find someone who will make one for me.

The guy had another one started that was very different from this one, so his design depends entirely on old materials at hand.

Inside the greenhouse are two ferns. There is a narrow shelf midway on which the top fern rests. I can see this made with several removable shelves and a hook at the top, ready for any plant or plants.

Hmmm...wait...I am thinking! Could I grow a tomato plant in there? Grape tomatoes?

Your turn
Raise your hand if you are impressed, think the greenhouse is cute, or just want one for yourself? Can you build it or put it on a honey do list? Do you like these type things for your home or maybe apartment patio or balcony? Hey, it would certainly disguise food growing from HOA eyes! If you acquire anything inspired by the photo, I will post it on my blog. Anyone game?


  1. Hi Linda! Taking time out from licking my wounds to say Hi! and thanks. You can delete this after you read it. I don't want you getting in trouble with the internet bullies for associating with me!

  2. Hi, Rat! Oh, I am not going to delete this. They have made up their minds, so be it. If you email me, I have something to say that is not about the problems.

  3. I love the greenhouse. And am a huge fan of reuse. And quirkiness. And that greenhouse wins on both counts.

    1. EC,
      Yes, it is right up there on the quirky scale. Reuse is my middle

  4. You can buy a much bigger one that that for 300 dollars. But I do love repurposed materials made into something purposeful !

    1. Akannie,
      Well, I don't have $300 for anything. Repurpose is my game! I wonder how many windows perished for lack of vision.

  5. For someone who finds flowers in dumpsters, you are well on your way to finding the parts needed. Can you use a hammer and wood glue? It would NOT be hard to do. I have a few tips to make one if you're desperately interested. Lemme know.

  6. lotta,
    In the past, I have made many things, won red ribbon for my birdhouse at the fair. Now, lifting and handling things is not happening. This would be too hard for me until I get a bit of surgery on spine, knee, and shoulder. Even getting each of those windows in he trunk would be difficult. I can figure it out. The saw was sold, but if I can find the materials, that will be the key. I am not the scrounger I used to be. I am sure you understand. Thanks.

    1. Oh Linda. How obvious it sounded that I was expecting you to unload WINDOWS!!!!

      If you would accept something on a much smaller scale, I think you could manage with my suggestion. The TRICK is to use photo frames!!! They already have glass in them. They can be connected to each other using wood glue and strong (STRONG) adhesive tape since you could never hammer a brad, or push a staple into the backs of the frames.

      The Dollar Store sells very cheap pictures in glassed frames. ($1 to $2) You just pop the photo OUT, and you have little "WINDOWS" to start your project!!

    2. lotta joy,
      That is a brilliant idea. I could probably unload windows. It is the aftermath I worry about. Then, next week I could think about making

      I could handle a hammer. The result of a hammer in my hands near glass would be disastrous. Actually, putting the whole thing together without glass would be what I would do, then insert glass.


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