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Monday, October 7, 2013

Recipe: Uses Candy Corn

about 1/3 cup of candy corn, all I had left

the finished product
Since this looked like a plate of poop,
I decided to remove it from the leading position.
 Last year, Sue gave me a recipe to use with candy corn. I only had a bit of candy corn left, so I used it. This year, I bought Brach's Autumn Mix. Then, when I had almost finished the bag, I remembered the recipe. As you can see, it has some chocolate candy corn in the mix. The bags of only chocolate candy corn is called Indian Corn.

candy corn pumpkin

It has pumpkins in the mix besides the chocolate.  I did consider cutting the pumpkins in fourths so they would melt at the same rate as the corn. I forgot, and there was only one pumpkin which melted just fine. Since this is supposed to be like Butterfingers, I thought the chocolate candy corn would be okay.

There was only about 1/3 cup of candy corn. I did not want to dirty a cup and have to press the peanut butter to get an accurate measure, so I just spooned in what looked like 1/3 cup peanut butter.

microwaved for 60 seconds

I decided working in the deep, 2-cup measuring cup was not going to be good. The short, 6-inch wide Corning ware oven dish was the next choice. It worked. I microwaved the mixture for 30 seconds, stirred, and microwaved for another 30 seconds.

I did not wait for it to cool and started dipping the mixture when it was too hot to handle. Waxed paper on the counter makes this easy. Top right--original shape. Just underneath that, a molded-by-hand bar. I decided to make the drops. After all the pieces were on the waxed paper, I decided to mold them by hand--bars and drops. That worked. They, also were ragged looking until I molded them. The little bar on the right I a drop that I molded into a tiny bar. In the bottom right corner is a Coke cap to give perspective to the whole picture.
Thinking the mixture might cool too quickly, I started when it was way too hot to handle. But, I had waited three minutes! Waxed paper seemed to be the thing to use because I did not want these to stick. Take my word for it, these are way too oily from the peanut butter to stick!
Okay, taste test time....I think one minute was too long for this few. Last year, I do remember the candy being flaky. This year, for some reason the bars and drops seem tough. It has only been about fifteen minutes, so I will see if they get flaky like last year.
You are going to love this recipe. Not only is it simple, it is delicious!

Homemade Butterfingers from Sue at The Little Acre that Could

"Mix equal parts of peanut butter and candy corn.
Microwave on high for about 1 minute,
stirring until they are melted together.

Let it cool just a minute or so – enough so you can handle it.

Then form into bars or bite size pieces.

You can dip it into chocolate but you don’t have to.

The longer it sets and cools, the more it becomes flaky like Butterfinger candy bars."

One caveat: I think that I microwaved this bit of candy too long. Maybe if you use a cup of each, microwaving for a full minute will work. So, sitting longer did not help. Last year, sitting did help. Oh, I did not dip these in chocolate.

Thank You, Sue

Your turn
Have you ever made this substitute for Butterfingers? Will you?


  1. first I thought....but I knew you wouldn't photograph poopy. I've tried to make Beau some dog treats that were lovely on PINTEREST. But mine looked so much like SH*T that even the dog wouldn't touch them!

    I WISH I could make those, but diabetes, ya know, will screw up everything you want to eat.

    I'd imagine there could be several reasons they're not "crispity crunchity". Humidity? Microwaved it too long? Too much peanut butter? But if they taste good, it was a success!!!

  2. lotta joy,
    That was my thought--poop picture. Ack!

    Like I said--microwaved too long. But, I won't be making them again anytime soon--too sweet and I will wait until the candy corn goes on sale. That's the way I play.

    That is so funny that Beau won't eat your homemade dog treats.

  3. Candy corn? Can I have an explanation please? I am pretty certain we don't have it - under that name anyway. And butterfingers is what we call someone who is clumsy (me). Another linguistic mystery?

    1. EC,
      I am laughing at the linguistic mystery. Look at the second picture. See the triangular piece of candy that is white, orange, and yellow--candy corn. Of course, Brach's (candy company) makes it with the chocolate and label it Indian Corn. Indian Corn in the US are ears of corn that are multicolored. Then, there is the newest addition--pumpkins. That's how we roll in the US.

      Butterfingers--a very old candy bar that is crunch on the inside, sort of peanut-buttery with chocolate on the outside. Surely, you have Butterfingers in AU! All the expats from the US have caused many of our products to be sold in AU. Google a picture of it and add AU. It is a Halloween candy here although some drugstores sell little bags all year long.

      Yes, we do call people who are clumsy and dropping things " butterfingers." That's me lately.

      Have I straightened it out for you?

    2. Yup - you have straightened it out. Thank you. But I am pretty certain we don't have them. And we don't really celebrate Halloween either... Though we are starting to.

    3. EC,
      Halloween is lots of fun. Some people here decorate like its Christmas. I put a graveyard in my front yard that only cost me about $5 several years ago. Store-bought fake tombstones cost from $5 to $30 apiece. I used scrap Styrofoam. I can do celebrations cheaply.

  4. Linda ..... Because of your post I actually bought a bag of Butterfinger's! ....and a couple of other bags of Halloween candy (cause that is how the coupon that I had worked) So far I have eaten 7 (yes 7) fun size candy bars! Darn you! Shame on me!

    1. Janet,
      So sorry! You sound like me--read about candy; buy candy. Well, I bought this one bag of candy corn two weeks ago and vowed I would buy no more. Let's see how the willpower goes. Now, I want funsize Butterfingers.

      Yeah, I wondered what took you so long to comment. Now, I know--reading, shopping, and stuffing your face.

  5. I had a friend make me these last year, my boys devoured them. There was a huge plate that given to us.

    1. JandM,
      I had never heard of them until last year. I can imagine that children would like them. That was a great Halloween treat.

  6. lol I just read this post and had to go in the kitchen to search for something sweet! Thanks for giving me credit for the recipe, Linda. It was from somewhere else, but I can't remember now. I think it was from a soap making community I belong to. Anyway, thanks for the great description. I've never tried this recipe myself. Now that you have all the bugs worked out... :-D

    1. Sue,
      I finished off the candy that night. Oh, no problem giving you credit. The sugar cooked so long it was starting to scorch and get crunchy on top. So, now you can try it I think if you used a cup of each that two minutes would not be too long at all.


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