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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finn and Einstein: Both in Hospital

Number 11 came two months early and is now in the NICU at Vanderbilt. Another child had surgery today. I will let you read all about it at her blog Mystic Mud.

Michelle has started a Project Finn to help offset the costs of her child in NICU, trips home and back, and to compensate for lost income as her husband loses work time. The family is in Nashville and 2.5 hours north of there. This is a rough ride. Now, Einstein has had an injury that landed him in Vanderbilt also.  Don't ask me why I made the link so BIG. I am tired.

Read about Einstein's ordeal here.


  1. That is so very unfair. I am stretched at the moment but with luck will be able to give a little to Project Finn next week. For the moment I am sending bucket loads of good wishes.

    1. EC,
      Right now, I am behind in the funds department. I understand.

  2. You are a good friend to their family. Michele is one on the strongest women I have ever met. It was nice that you posted a link. Sometimes I wish that I had a blog just so that I would be able to pass on valuable information the way that you did. Keep up th egood work.

    1. Janet,
      One of these days, you will have a blog!


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