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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Smiles in the Mail

"Rattle your bones
and shake your vines.
May your Pumpkin Day
be a scary good time."

Sent to me by a good Internet friend.
Thanks. You made me smile.
Then, I gasped as the card fell apart.
Okay, so it was Halloween confetti.

It arrived so soon!
I ordered it on 10/18 and it arrived on 10/29. So many times, things arrive so late that right before Christmas I am in a cold sweat wondering, worrying that the item might not arrive in time for a Christmas gift. Do you ever have that experience before Christmas when you are expecting something delivered so you can give it for a Christmas gift?
Notice that one side of the card is clear. I have never seen a card with a clear portion!
There was a fear in me that there was a catch to the deal. But, it appears to be true! I got it.
There is $5 on the card. I may put another $5 on it before mailing. Have you gone to to earn a few rewards?
Your turn
Would these two make you smile if you received them in the mail? What smiles have been delivered to your house lately?


  1. I received two nice letters and no bills in the mail. I haven't gone to the coke rewards site, but I will. I often worry that items won't arrive in time for Christmas. I've already done some of my shopping and will try to do the rest early in November (I order all gifts online). I used to shop from home on Thanksgiving weekend, but that leads to too many headaches.


  2. Janie,
    You had a good mail day, too. Of course, I had nothing invested in this gift card, but I depended on it to round out gifts. I agree that ordering as late as Thanksgiving is iffy. I was tying to order from Amazon on Dec. 22nd. The order never went through. Thankfully, I had gotten something else instead far ahead of time since I had been trying to order for a month!

    Collect a few codes and try out the Coke site.

  3. This Christmas there will be NO gifts to worry about. And I don't send out Christmas cards. Just me, Joe, and Beau: no snow and no stress for the holidays. That will be OUR gift to US. New Year's Eve is probably the only holiday that I'm vested in.

    1. lj,
      I don't have a Joe. No stress is a really good thing!

  4. Anything arriving in the snail mail would bring a smile, as long as it's not bills and fliers. :-)

    1. Su,
      So true! Some days, the volume of junk mail is so frustrating.


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