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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free With Rebate

If it's free, it's for me!

At Walmart these Bic FlameDisks are $3.97 + tax. I bought several since I have several people whose name I can put on the coupon. See the coupon in the upper-right corner? Make sure the package has the peelie. The Bic product could be great for a picnic or an emergency.  I think CVS had these one year, but I don't know about the rebate.

Update: You need a separate receipt, upc code, and the little  Try Me Free peelie for each rebate. So, if you get more than one Bic FlameDisk, have it rung up separately.

Your turn
Have you ever used a Bic FlameDisk?


  1. Not something I have ever seen here. And we don't use our barbeque much anyway. It is either tooooo hot, or cold for it.

  2. They have been on the market here for about three years that I am aware of, but I could have been late to the party. Exbf dose not know how to there is anything very hard about grilling. So, since I have known him, I have had nothing on my grill.

    I can grill, but I just am not going to run the inside and outside, both at the same time. My grill is propane, but this looked handy.


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