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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Office Max Rewards for the Quarter

I have $40.99  in quarterly rewards/credit for free merchandise. My parsimonious heart is going pitty-pat. Frugal me is dancing. Broke me is rejoicing. Cheap me is smiling. This will work for Halloween candy if I wish or for Christmas gifts. Such decisions I must make. Oh, I need an umbrella desperately!

Office Max has programs for individuals, office/work, or teachers. I get credit for recycling ink cartridges or toner. I get credit for purchases I make. Believe me, I have purchased very little this year other than with the MaxPerks credits I earned. But, it all adds up. I was able to purchase school supplies for grandchildren, only items for a quarter or penny, but using the MaxPerks rewards. Hopefully, I will find an umbrella I like and maybe on sale.

I can use this reward to buy a case of copy paper when OM gives MaxPerks credit for a case of paper purchased. If I pay $32 for a case of copy paper, then I will have credit on the next MaxPerks reward. . . or something like that. It works for me.

Home-school parents DO qualify for this card as a teacher. Benefits are better for teachers.

My friend has a home business as an accountant. I gave her one of my MaxPerk cards and she used it, earning lots of reward $$$ for me. That was last year, not this year. This is all my work.

This program also works for Internet orders.

Do not throw away cartridges or toner. Collect them from friends and family who will not recycle. There is a limit to how many can be recycled in a certain length of time. Read the rules.

Update: Staples and Office Depot have the same programs, just a little different. OM is here in this town.
Your turn
Do you recycle your cartridges or toner? I also get credit for purchases.


  1. I turn all of mine in at Staples. It's a huge help, plus our work throws them out so my boss said once they hit the trash can I am more than welcome to take them so that helps also

  2. j,
    You are lucky to have a work source and a nice boss! I have to work to get mine in most cases.

  3. Not available here. Which is sad. Finding places to recycle can be an exercise in frustration. And expense, because they are never, ever conveniently located.

    1. C,
      That's too bad. Every little thing I can do to get by or ahead, not sure which some days, I am game to do. Office Max is about three miles from me and on the way to everywhere. Since this is just one of four quarters, I do pretty well each year.

  4. Hey, I wanted to tell you something privately and I don't have your email! email me with a way to get back to you. thanks.

  5. Hey Linda... I am here from Snow's blog. Would love to share some thoughts with you re Snow's last post comment. Email if you are interested... if not, OK.
    janjan92 at Hotmail dot com


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