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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can We Start Now?

outside the deli
Cheap fun here. Take your own Halloween pictures. This deli owner provides not only a decoration for the season but a photo op, all set up for people to take their own Halloween/harvest pictures. Octoberfest does not start until October 5th, but everyone is getting ready. Do you have an Octoberfest you attend?

The guy who owns the deli was still decorating as I took this picture. He said he will put another straw bale in the middle so people can sit for a picture. He also has a painted board scene that people can put their heads through the hole and take their own pictures. I love the people who put up free activities at festivals. Fun should not cost a fortune with a charge for each little bit of fun.

If you don't approve of Halloween on religious grounds, don't rain on my Jack o' Lantern. LOL I love the alternative traditions people are starting.

Your turn,
What are your favorite free activities at Halloween? Okay, what is your favorite frugal activity for Halloween?


  1. We don't celebrate Halloween - and I resent the fact that a little of it (the commercial side) is infiltrating. Trick or treat here is an excuse to demand candy (sometimes with menaces).
    I also love when someone retains the spirit of a celebration (any celebration) without attaching a money-making venture.
    And would probably go to that deli throughout the year on principle...

    1. I sometimes celebrate large but always with the idea of doing it the frugal way. Once upon a time, the demand was met with mischief if a person did not hand over goodies. That sort of went away and fun was the goal. I have heard that people are once again becoming mean-spirited. The deli owners are very nice people. I love to eat there, but I cannot afford to!

      Being too commercial sort of ruins most celebrations. Halloween is coming up strong behind Christmas as far as being commercial.


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