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Friday, October 4, 2013

Funny Yard Sale Ad

I found the ad below on Huntsville Trader.  Redstone Arsenal is located in Huntsville, AL.

I'm home without pay,
non-essential they say,
furloughed by a Congress of babies.

So with nothing to do,
I cleaned out books, toys, and shoes,
this crap can be your crap, maybe.

Come by if you can,
bring a car, truck or van,
Unlike Congress, my deals won't be shady.

Friday, 4 Oct, 8-???,     Free from-scratch home baked goody with purchase!

Now, this is a yard sale I would like, but it is over 50 miles away, and I have no other reason to go there. Plus, it came into my inbox on Friday night. The author put her address in the the email, but I left it out.
Your turn
Do you ever put creative ads in the paper or online?


  1. Quirky, innovative and a bit sad.
    I would love to go - and hope she makes heaps of moola.
    I also hope the debacle is settled soon. The instigators aren't feeling the pain, they are inflicting it on others. Often people with few reserves to fall back on.
    Hiss and spit.

    1. EC,
      I, too, hope she makes heaps of moola. It's too bad it was posted hours after dark when her yard sale surely had ended.

      No, people who won't lose can afford to make the rest of us lose.

  2. I love it. That is cute. I'm glad someone has a sense of humor through all this


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