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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chicken Burritos (not a recipe)

confetti that fell out of my Halloween card

Jan has washed her hens and wrapped them up like burritos. You can see them here.  Fancy like being wrapped up when I bathed her just before she died. My little chick certainly did not mind being bundled up in a towel, burrowing down further when I tried to see if she were okay.

after a chick bath
and before going to bed with me
You can see the rest of the chick bathing here.

I am so ill and wanting KFC gravy!
I have wanted to share Jan's chicken burritos with everyone!
Your turn
Do you love the chicken burritos? 


  1. Soooo very cute. Particularly with no recipe attached.

  2. EC,
    Yes, no recipe attached is correct. I just kept going back to that picture every day because I thought it was so cute. Then, I just had to share it.


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