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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Purge and Picky Recipients

leftover craft paints and supplies

The last time I used these paints was about six years ago. SIX YEARS! Why have I kept it? I, too, wonder. However, these things happen when I plan to use them again. Plus, I have not seen fit to get rid of them until now. Oh, there is a package of feathers that seems to have had bugs.
Now, I am bumfuzzled as what to do with these paints. No, I have not examined them to see if they are still good. They are slow moving.
If I toss them out, I will feel guilt and wonder forever if they were still good to use.
However, giving them away will be difficult in my world. I have no intentions of driving them around and offering them to people who will turn up their collective noses.
Example: I cleaned scrap from my sewing room and sewing supply room. I had enough tiny scraps, many just strings attached to pieces the size of a washcloth. No one would come here and pick them up. "Just load them in your trunk and drop by. I will see if I want them. "  HELL NO!
I smiled and left the place I had just happened to stop on my way home. If I called someone, I got a grilling as to the size, fabric content, size of largest piece, size of smallest, colors, etc. My answer remained the same: I don't have time or energy or motivation to do an inventory. Let me know if you want to drop by. Everything will be on the curb on Thursday and remain until the garbage runs next Thursday.
Giving things away can be exhausting.
One woman came by with her husband to find pieces of fabric for the kindergarten in their church school. They took a bit and thanked me. I pressed them to take more but they said they wanted to leave some for others. After I assured them no one else I called was interested, the took lots. There was enough to fill a full-sized pickup bed AND mounded up. The couple took about two cubic yards in their van.
There is a bookcase on the curb that I told friends about, but they want me to work for them when I don't feel like doing what they want.
What color is it?
Solid wood or pressed wood?
What kind of wood?
Painted or stained?
Exact measurements? They want me to take a tape out!
Can I change the shelves or are they nailed in place?
Is it dirty?
All the questions exhaust me because all the decision as to whether they will take it or not rests on me. Plus, I will have to go to the bookcase, get out, measure, write it down, make decisions and report back..
These craft paints and fabric paints go in the trash unless you can tell me a way to get out of it that does not involve me answering innumerable questions, driving, or trying to convince someone to open up the bottles independently from me or my being in on the decision as to whether the paints will be okay for crafts. I do NOT want to hear later that someone ruined a craft or had a disappointed child. I do not think they are sellable at a thrift store. Someone needs to experiment with them.
Do you ever have trouble getting anyone to consider  a freebie? There are very few freebies I can guarantee when I know I will hear from the person if the freebie disappoints.  The feathers with a larva in it is in the trash.
Your turn
Have you ever had anyone put all the decision on you when you offered something free? A thousand and one questions when you make it clear it is just on the curb?



  1. Did you try the library for your paints. Surely they have a children's program that would cheerfully use them.

    1. I have never seen or heard of painting at the library. There is a woman there who would make a point of cataloguing the things wrong with each color.

  2. Sometimes the rubbish bin is the easiest solution because we live in a world of consumers who want everything perfect, new and shiny. No Freecyle or Giveaway Facebook Group in your town?

    1. Neither. Still, I am in no mood to answer a thousand and one questions. Oh, I don't know about a facebook for the town. Towns have their own facebook groups?

      You are so right. I donated things to the women's shelter. The person taking the donation said women with whom they work want new sets of dishes, fresh from the box. And, no, they don't want one of the coffee cups missing. I quit donating. My things were scrutinized before I was allowed to leave them.

      Plus, I saw them throwing stacks of books into the dumpster!

  3. If the paints are thickening a drop or 2 to each tube will work just fine! People are so dumb sometimes insituations like this., I gave up asking others and just post on freecycle or the local FB page. If I don't have takers I'll haul it to the thrift store. Furniture like the shelves would be difficult to do

    1. Katidids,
      I just take the free stuff and don't ask questions, mostly. I am clearly not going to use paints anytime soon or I would keep these and deal with them like you said. Others want perfection and free, too!

      Not asking questions is how I ended up with about ten free cast iron skillets.

  4. I use Freegle and Freecycle a lot (UK) but when I try to 'donate' stuff people make me so mad ! the questions they ask, what size, colour, weight, instructions ?, pictures (yes pictures !!) can I view ? strewth, it's free for ***** sake - just take it.
    I don't answer these people, also I don't answer people who respond to my ads in 'textspeak' - nothing makes me more angry, I am English, I speak English, not 'idiotspeak' so when I get a reply that says ' hv u stl gt t ? I wanit' ha, you can guess my response.

  5. Wean,
    Those kinds of people drive me nuts, also. Textspeak is not something I will deal with. I don't write it, and thankfully neither do my children or grandchildren.

    Those people probably just think you have given the item away. I, too, have not even answered rude or pushy people. LOL


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