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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

muscadine wine

Muscadine wine in the picture is only the second bottle of wine I have ever bought. At the rate I drink wine, this will last me several years and all the wine occasions in those years. I had no intentions of buying wine until a store employee mentioned muscadine wine the store carried and how good it was.  I had 1/2 cup and knocked over and spilled some of that.

Just a few tidbits

Even though I am alone on holidays or festive occasions, there is always a bit of celebrating. I thawed sausage, used Bisquick, and cheddar cheese. All was on hand--Bisquick was on sale with a coupon and has been in the refrigerator for a year; cheese was on sale; sausage was free. Broccoli and tomatoes were here; Swedish wedding cookies where 1/3 the regular cost; pecans are still here from fall; Nestle's Crunch candy bell is leftover from 1/2 price Christmas candy.

blackeyed peas for luck

It was very quiet around here, very uneventful. It was the first time I bought wine or drank wine alone. Correction: second time I bought wine and first time I drank wine alone. I may become an old lush. I wonder how long a recorked bottle of wine lasts. Maybe I can cook with it to keep it from spoiling.
Your turn
Was your New Year's Eve as uneventful as mine? Did you have companionship? Food? Drink? Most importantly, did you have your blackeyed peas?


  1. Happy New Year, Linda. Last year, someone sent me this wish, and I liked it so much that I pass it on to everybody. "Hoping that the coming year will be a good one, and if not, then I hope that we all have the strength to overcome a bad one." Blessings to you.

  2. Yep, equally uneventful & spent it alone. I truthfully don't remember what all I did besides take a nap & wake up right before midnight, lol.

  3. I have had naps on NYE. It works for me. By the way, there are worse things than being alone on NYE. Trust me.


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