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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Feast

As usual,
Thelma has started pecking away while
Louise is making sure that
Lucy gets nothing.
Lucy keeps darting in, but
Louise is vigilant.
Can you see the difference in the sizes of Thelma and Louise? Louise gets larger while Thelma seems to be shrinking.

I just thought they deserved a treat, so they got some of my broccoli, not wilted, just right. Apple and broccoli looked festive, fitting right in with the season.
Merry Christmas from the girls!
Your turn
Did you do something special for your hens? Do your old hens get ornery? Do other old hens shrink?


  1. I honestly would start feeding Lucy separately from that bitch Louise.

  2. lotta joy,
    If I could figure out how, I certainly would. I am not up to catching her. She does not bother Thelma. I put food on the back of the table for Lucy. After I took this picture, I broke up the broccoli and threw it in about 10 directions so Louise could not guard it all. Putting it on the table or in many directions is the only way Lucy gets to eat anything.


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