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Friday, December 28, 2012

Small Economies for a Quarter

6 new Tupperware lids, never used-for two quarters
I only have divided, dinner dishes with these expensive, vented lids. I do have bowls to fit these. I have a tall "pitcher" and two bowls that the small lid will fit. I have Tupperware from the mid 60s, so these will be useful.

picture hangers and yarn
both for a quarter
Very little of the yarn is missing. It cost $0.78 at Walmart back when they used green discount stickers. If I can find my one and only crochet hook, this will be a doll blanket for the little g-daughter. The old packages of acrylic are soft. Now, they yarn is hard to work with, not cuddly when finished, and hurts my fingers to crochet it. Have you found a difference in the hand/feel of old and new yarn? Does anyone know why the old stuff is soft and the new has a hard feel to work?
The package of 8 Bulldog hooks that are rated for 20-lbs has 7 of the hooks and nails still in the package.  For $0.12 how could I resist? I have never found these in a yard sale. Have you?
Since I now only stop at a yard sale I am passing, I am limited in the number of yard sales I attend. Plus, I do not need to add anything more to my house right now. I don't need more stuff right now, but these are the type storable items, things you put in a cabinet to use later, perfectl for stashing away, unlike a new set of dishes or glasses that will lived boxed up forever. Get it?
Everything in this post cost me $0.75--three quarters.
Your turn
Have you found any good deals for a quarter? Okay, just share your good deal.

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