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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Crocheted Stocking and Holly

original pattern

I started in the late 1970s, crocheting these stockings from a pattern I just made up. I cannot follow a pattern even though I can read them perfectly. I know I used a G crochet hook because that is the only one I own. Everything I make calls for G because that is the only hook I own.
Maybe this is how I did this: crochet about 7 or 8 chain stitches. Turn around and crochet one double crochet in each stitch. Then, keep going around until you have crocheted up the other side of the chain of 7. Close the toe. Start crocheting around the opening maybe 7 double crochet stitches. Make two rows of red. Do the same with a row of white. Then, make a loop by tying it of a crocheterly All weird leftover strings fit inside the stocking.  Finished, the stocking is 2 inches long.
Don't ask me what kind of yarn. It's fuzzy. It's soft. Now, the fuzzy acrylic hurts my fingers. I think maybe it is Orlon or polyester. Do you know?
Maybe someone can write a better set of instructions for me?
My children were thrilled to take sets of a dozen to teachers for teacher gifts. My family received less along with a gift. Sometimes, I put one on top of a gift. Would your children be thrilled to give these to a teacher? Friends said back then that their children did not want a homemade gift for the teacher. Mine even thought a half-pint of muscadine jelly was a really good gift. I must have raised them right or done something right.
The holly is my lovely, lethal holly bush, one of many that I have used for decorations in the house over the years. I also cut "bouquets" of these for anyplace I go  to celebrate during the holidays. I go out in leather gloves with sharp scissors to cut these oh-so-prickly beauties.
For those who asked about my surgeries .

Your turn
Do you have limited stitches, one crochet hook, and lots of things you can make by crocheting? If you crochet one of these and photograph one or more, I will put it on my blog. I will love you forever if you can formulate a better pattern and let me share it with my friends.

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