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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Surprise RED Christmas Gift

shadows from sun
On the weekend before Christmas, I was riding along in an electric cart in a store. Suddenly, an employee with whom I talk was frantically trying to stop me. She said for me to come "right over here." Another employee who is especially nice ran and was digging around under the cash register area.

She emerged with something RED and lumpy, a scarf, and proceeded to wrap it around me. She said I looked so good in RED, that RED was just my color and she wanted me to have the RED scarf, that it would keep me warm. They were working the Christmas rush, so they rushed to me. I was a little shocked by all the suddenness of their movements, thinking there was an emergency..
As I tried to figure out why I suddenly received this gift out of the blue, we all three arranged it.  The woman who was digging under the counter said she saw how red was my color and was struck by me in the color. She continued to gush about how RED was my color. I caught both the women three separate times that day and Christmas Eve, asking them again in different ways--WHY?
Their answers never changed.
I could not take a picture of me in the scarf. It hangs almost a foot beyond the part in the photo. Let me tell you about the scarf. It is made of thread that is several subtle shades of red and several shades of off white/wheat. There is a silver fleck running through it, a silver thread that shows up as a fleck.
When the women saw me, I was wearing my RED, silk, twin sweater set (expensive) for mood. Over that, I had on a RED, fleece coat I made. On top of it all was an fairly expensive RED coat--one layer of rain jacket material. However, the styling on the jacket is pretty cool and not utilitarian at all. As a matter of fact, this jacket repels wind, but I might as well be wearing toilet paper for all the water it repels.
The RED, silk twin set has a duster sweater and was very expensive many years ago. My friend gave me a Christmas gift that was horrendous except for the gift receipt which I used for the twin set. The fleece coat was very inexpensive (cheap) but looks so classy because of the styling and color. The "rain" jacket repels wind only and is useful over layers. The RED, knit scarf which you can see in the picture was found at a yard sale for $.50 or $1, forgot which. Yes, I had on RED gloves!
I wear the lacy, new, surprise scarf over the yard sale scarf. I needed the knit scarf for neck warmth and the new, lacy one is tied lower, so that the knot on the lacy one is below. It has been frigid with a fierce wind here in Alabama.
I wore the new scarf for three days when I went out and received more compliments and smiles than I can count. Yes, RED becomes me. But, more than that, I have loved RED since I was a tiny girl, well before I knew about flattering colors.
As you can see, I was decked in RED, all RED. (with black pants and shoes and purse.) In the picture you can see the red coat to the left of the picture, the red yardsale scarf at my neck and to the right. See, they all go together.
The yarn came from Michael's and is something like "sashay." The clerk digging under the register knitted the scarf. I am sure she wore it to work that day and gave it up for me. Cooool!
Your turn
Have you ever gotten a surprise gift from people who have just no reason from people you barely knew? Raise your hand if you love RED. What color flatters you?


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