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Monday, December 3, 2012

Ten Reasons Why Everyone Should Store Oats

There is no reason for me to reinvent the wheel. American Prepper Network has a very good article. "10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Store Oats" on the subject of oats. Yes, I stole Stephanie's title, but I am giving her credit. Rolled oats with too much sugar is my favorite breakfast. (Okay, I have two favorite breakfasts--my hens' eggs, scrambled is the other favorite.)  A little salt, more butter, and raisins are best with oats. I must quit using so much sugar.

I only store oats when I find a good deal and don't want an attack of the pantry moths to spoil my stored oats. At the most, I have only had six months of oats on hand, not for prepping, but because it was a good deal. That was the only time I found oats on a really good sale. Oats on sale are rare. Since my hens get oats every day, I need lots of oats. At this point, I need a good sale to appear since I only have about two cups of oats.

I did share with Stephanie my method of storing brown rice that will last almost as long as white rice with much more nutrition in brown rice.

It is all about eating well for less with me. So, storing oats is my kind of thing even though I am no prepper. Right now, I have three small cannisters of Quakers Rolled Oats to put out into half-gallon Ball Canning jars. I just found them.

Buying on sale or in bulk and storing it safely can save money. You know that is what I am all about.

Your turn
What type oats do you eat? I know I should eat the steel cut oats, but have never even tried them.


  1. Around here John prefers regular rolled oats while I like steel cut. Problem is that you have to plan in advance as they take a long time to cook. Most of the time we eat Trader Joe's {Joe's O's)version of Cheerios Boring huh?

    I sent you the photo of my little quilt by email.

    1. I must try the steel cut oats. Some days, boring is okay. Look at the post just before this one.

  2. Oats really are an important food. They are good for those with stomach issues, have all sorts of uses on a farm for animals as both feed and treatment for loose stools, Inside the farm house, they can be breakfast, oat cakes,oat breads, and my favorite treatment of them, homemade oatmeal raisin cookies ! I eat the largest package I can find, and I prefer the coarser ground oats to the more finely ground. Perhaps eating oats so much is why my total cholesterol is only 109. They are said to contribute to a healthier low cholesterol. In my case, I just have other health problems !

    1. Jane,
      I had really good cholesterol numbers when I ate oats and a fairly healthy diet and active lifestyle. I don't have high cholesterol, but just not what I can do. The other health problems are what are getting me!

    2. Yes Linda, I don't have the high cholesterol issues, but I do have autoimmune issues. I suppose we all have something ! (Sigh)

  3. My blood sugar goes sky high when I eat oats. I used to pour the sugar on, cook raisins WITH them, and pile on the butter. But after getting diabetes, I've found out that even with artificial sugar, they will throw me into a sugar coma within an hour.

    I prep mine by putting individual portions into a food saver bag and sucking out the oxygen. No air: no bugs and no accidental breakage of a glass jar.

  4. I keep my rolled oats in glass jars in the deep freeze. Then when I take a jar out, the bug eggs have been killed and I keep a qt at a time in the pantry. I thing Aldi's is the cheapest place for rolled oats. Sometimes they also carry the steel cut in a can.

  5. Patti,
    I empty all the cannisters into Ball jars and put them in the freezer. Then, I leave them out on the counter and when thawed, I put them in an oven that is probably only 100 degrees after baking something to just drive out any moisture that was in the oats before going into the freezer.

    I don't want to really heat up the oats, just get rid of excess moisture. At that point, I can leave all the jars of oats in the cabinet since I don't have much room left in the freezer most of the time.

    The glass jar method is best, in my opinion.

    We are getting a new Aldi's, so I am excited to see what is there and cheap.

  6. Anonymous,
    I don't know why your comment will not post. Anonymous suggested cooking brown rice and then dry before storing.

    Okay, that would work.


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